FAWM is February Album Writing Month. A global event for making new music. So-called "fawmers" have collectively written more than 250,000 songs as part of our annual songwriting challenges. Are you in?

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1 month, 14 songs.

The goal is simple: challenge yourself to write one new song every other day in the shortest month of the year. Don't wait for inspiration; just show up and make music! Participation is free.

Stay motivated.

Post lyrics or demos as you finish them. Get feedback from fellow fawmers. Track your progress. Get daily prompts, games, and other song ideas. FAWM keeps you in tune with your muse.


Maybe you just write lyrics, or just music, or struggle with both! Find new friends and collaborators from all over the world who complement your skills and challenge you in your craft.

20 Years of FAWM! 2004-2024

The first FAWM was a one-off between four friends, but it's since grown into a worldwide musical collective. From full-time music professionals to folks writing their first songs, and everyone in between.

To celebrate two decades, we've put together an activity zine full of FAWM culture references — and of course a few songwriting games — to keep you busy while you're waiting for February to arrive...

Make music. Because you can.

With FAWM you write an album in a month, along with a collaborative community of musicians worldwide. Join the movement!

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