Singer/Songwriter currently living outside of Las Vegas, NV.

Classically trained vocalist. Mainly write on acoustic guitar but know basic piano, bass, drums and other eclectic instruments from school.

Most of my personal catalog is written in the folk and indie-rock genres.

FAWM defeated me last year but I will not be deterred! I am currently trying to make the transition to full-time performer in the Las Vegas area. I just got my first audio interface and… let’s just say my skills lay in writing and not sound engineering. I hope that the lack of audio quality can be overlooked as long as I can deliver on musical quality!

I’m looking forward to making friends in the community and learning what I can. All feedback is extremely valued! Including social media advice in case you check any of my socials out because I am TERRIBLE at it.

On a final note I am looking to build a crew to try and find the One Piece if anyone is interested…


Thank you much!!