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My name is Philip and I've been FAWMing since 2016 with a hiatus during 2021. My screen name used to be pbtaylorjr or Philip Taylor Jr, if that helps you recognize me, but last year I started releasing my music as Homeschool Prom King.

I got a good running start in 2022 but burned out early after 11 full studio style songs. My goal for 2023 is to be more relaxed. I am setting a hard goal of getting 14 songs written and recorded as acoustic demos. A stretch goal is to sit down each day and see if I can write a song, giving me the potential to put out as many as 28 new tunes.

I am going to try to give my fellow FAWMers a good amount of love this year. I have wiped my watchlist clean and will build it anew from scratch.

If you care to check out my tunes from previous FAWM's as well as DIY albums, I have a bandcamp link to my own thing "Homeschool Prom King" as well as a band I am the sidekick in "Anvil Falls."

Happy FAWMing



Thanks for you great comments on ‘the affairs of a rogue condom”. Will do! ‘Shit gets dark’ made me laugh haha so we’re 1-all 😂
I've listened to 2.5 of your songs so far and you use baritone guitar on all three. What's your reasoning for baritone? Just the aesthetic? Darker palette for darker lyrics? I've never played one but I want one now.
Thanks a lot! Yes with MIDI instruments, it would work for a game or anime, but I hope I get some real guitars. I'm happy you enjoyed.
Greetings to you! I just read your post on the forums and…hehehe, I am reading and processing it through my therapist brain. There’s a lot there. Thanks for your thoughtful post. Another great aspect of FAWM!