• CA
hi! I'm a composer, producer, and aspiring music licensor for Film/TV. It's my 2nd year here.

I'm trained in classical piano, have been playing for over a decade, and started making my own music last year through FAWM. My toxic trait is staying up until 2 AM to finish a song even if I have work the next day lol.

I mostly make neoclassical, feel-good lo-fi music and soundtrack, but also listen to a lot of alternative/indie, so it would be great to make some of those this year. I love hearing metaphors and idioms in lyrics.

Are you interested in co-writing together? Drop a message on my soundboard to chat!

My latest project is creating an original soundtrack album for a suburban fantasy inspired by East and Southeast Asian culture, history and the mystery of the Tomb of Qin Chi Huang & The Terra Cotta Army https://soundcloud.com/nannerll/sets/terra-cotta/s-y9Zyg6VXYs9?si=17857d87891041a398afd29ad2c2ea77&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing


Yo! You gonna be around this year? Hope to hear you around!