It's my second fawm and I'm glad to be here.

My first year... it was my second year living in Chicago and my first time actively committing to practicing being the songwriter that I have been for a long time. Having the opportunity to be a part of this very kind and inclusive community and creating the songs warmed me so! during the VERY cold Chicago February.

I am an actress, theatre maker, and physical theatre practitioner by trade and I am in a band now. With my love and the forever brilliant composer, guitarist, songwriter and authentic storyteller @abudabard12514 and a absolutely wonderful bass player named Ian. It feels so natural to be singing songs on stage. It brings me peace. I don't have to fight when I sing. There's a lot of concentration and a lot of listening and trust but really it just flows out of me. There's an ease there and I am learning to truly value that reality.

I am a lover of words. Always have been. I also edit while I write....which I am sure you are thinking the sound....uh oh. Yeah it has held me back for years, in part to my unidentified perfectionism.
My intention for myself this fawm is to simply write. To let lyrics that flow out of me exist here. I love collaboration more that most things and would love to experience the stories I tell to exist in a song written by another. I want to practice writing even when I am not in the mood. I think this space is the perfect place for practicing that.
I wish you all the best this fawm and I cant wait to experience what you make.

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Hey, thanks for your comment on Terrarium. You are more than welcome to have a go at writing lyrics for it if you want to!
Ooooh. What a fun thing to bring that physical theatre sensibility to songwriting. Thinking about all the amazing songs you could write from a Barcelona point of view. What an amazingly placy place.