Silence in the Temple






  • Aurora, CO US
Jessie (She/They) #queer #trans #ADHD #gremlin
A musical alchemist, Silence in the Temple is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who creates a sonic potion of genres including rock, funk, dream pop, psych, folk, prog, and cyberpunk. They brew their music with a dash of mysticism and a spoonful of science fiction, inspired by the vivid and strange dreams they've had all their life. She has a deep fascination with the incomprehensible and the unknown, which is reflected in the soundscapes she lovingly concocts. With her unique blend of styles, Silence in the Temple creates music that's emotional, vulnerable, bold, and playful. She aims to take listeners on a journey through a dreamlike world, inviting them to explore within and without. Their music is not only to be heard, but to be experienced. So strap in, and be prepared to have your senses transported through the multiverse.

- Written with assistance from ChatGPT (for funsies)

February 28 Update: I... somehow did it? I wrote 14 songs, and it didn't kill me! Granted, I don't have vocals on most of them, but I have instrumentals and lyrics. And since this is February Album *Writing* month and not *Recording* month, well it looks like I won this year. I'm far from done, and I plan on updating the songs, but holy hell am I proud of myself.

March 4th update: I definitely needed a few days away to rest and refresh. I honestly went pretty hard, especially in the last several days of February. But I'm back, and I'll be commenting and working on updating the demos, so stay tuned!



Haha thanks for the comments. Well Iā€™m just trying to find different way for me to dive into world of music. Theory is just wall to break to the other side. šŸ˜‚ have fun ar after fawm
Hi, thank you for listening to both versions of our song. Hope you are having a great February!
Thanks for listening and your enthusiastic response to Eating and Drinking. Glad you liked it.
Hello fellow she/they! Hope you'll have an awesome FAWM, looking forward to listening to your music!