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NOTE: Please use my handle only on this platform even if you know me irl. Thanks!

Sassy and honest, with a biting sarcasm. I have a few serious neurological conditions I deal with and music has been great therapy for the body and soul. I love the creative challenge of FAWM and 50/90, and the inevitable release and growth that comes with it. This is fun for me - nothing more. I don't care about commercial viability or song length or even if something is "good" or not.

Update for 2022:
There are several real life priorities I'm focused on this year, so I'll likely only post lyrics even though almost every song does have music. That's how I handled 50/90 in 2021, and FAWM this year, and I was very happy with the results. Also working through some family trauma with the Shitty Shitty Family Series, soo... there's a lot of emotional processing that I'm working through. My goal is to have fun, enjoy the community, and reach new creative levels for myself while keeping the plates of my spoonie life spinning without too much effort. Production on any level is not a concern this year.

"BuT yOu caN jUsT Do a VoIcE aPp dEmO" ...I said what I said.

I am selectively open to doing collabs depending on the topic and time constraints. However, most of what I post here will not be available for collaboration (see above re: demos). Thank you for respecting that.

I can't wait to challenge myself and be inspired by my fellow FAWMers. Let's do this!

2022 FAWM: 17/18 (1 was a lyric morph)
2021 50/90: 60/63 - someone discovered skirmishes! 3 were the result of morphs, so I only take credit for 60 songs.
2021 FAWM: 17
2020 FAWM: 14
2017-2019: we do not discuss these years
2016 FAWM: 1
2015 FAWM: 14
2014 FAWM: 14


Hope I see you here!