Parenting Songs (Virtual Album Songs)

I love discovering songs about parenting on FAWM. They always feel like an intimate peek into someone's real life, and it's a category that isn't as available in the wider world. They also stick in my head. I thought it might be fun to gather them up in a thread.
@nancycunning well you already know my love for a good parenting song - yours is an absolute beauty:

And here's one from @brisk and I to go with it:
Here's one I did in a skirmish during FAWM 2016 called Sweet Baby Dream.
I think I kept the children out of my mind this FAWM! But here's one from a previous one that I quite like still:
Here's a list of a lot of parenting songs I've heard and enjoyed this FAWM...
The Good Night Song @lorlasswell

Boomerang @tangle @adforperu

Parental Theory of Relativity (A Mature Married Kind of Love)

Life with Compression @jacobwakeup

There Goes My Heart @loveonamixtape

Broken Car @emkaydeebee and son

Days Worth Forgetting @charliecheney
Also with @leepat

Again Again Again @nancycunning

Don't Put Your Food Where It Doesn't Belong @sarahdevalliere

the @fourtracktape collaboration Filthy Monkey @elesimo @vomvorton @wobbiewobbit @wehappyfew and son

Once You Are a Mother (Lyrics - collaboration welcome) @cindyrella

Rotes Flugzeug (Red Plane) @reklov
and also with @amandaroseriley

My Two Stars (Ophelia's Song) @sarahdevalliere

Whole White Moon @davidtaro @brisk

Like God Does @jeff9 @nancycunning

Lost Soulmate @tamsnumber4
Thanks for including me. Shout out to all the music-making parents. <3
The song that started me writing (as an adult) a few years ago was about mortality and parenting and love.

Wow. @newukenewyork what an amazing first song to have written. I love that quiet feel like being up in the middle of the night trying not to wake the baby. And how you turn that exhaustion of parenting on its side with the idea of not being able to stand missing a moment. Beautiful. I’m so glad you’ve kept it up and the at you found FAWM.
I have a #parentfolk song called "Just Gone."
When The Kids Come Home my collab with @metalfoot is a song about parenting
In Our Squeaky Rocking Chair

Lullaby -

Liz turned it into a rockin' fun song -
@lowhum and @savvyaz and @fearlessflight2014 - I enjoyed listening to your songs last week, and then to @rocketgrrrl @danvaillancourt @wannabesongstress and @metalfoot this morning. I also came across Finder of Things by @eas3637 today.
And two more #momcore songs from @loveonamixtape and friends
A Soft Place to Land with @edsmaronmusic

Revenge of the Pineapple with @dreamscuba