Haiku inspiration offer

Hello you all!

My idea is to post an traditional or modern Haiku every day or every second day in English and in German. It is an invitation for you to take this Haiku as an inspiration for a new track. There is no special genre needed. It could be Punk, Soul, Ambient or what ever it inspires you to. The result can be a track or some new lyrics out of the mood of the Haiku. No limits at all.

I will post it like this: Haiku#1, Haiku#2 and so on. So the tag will be Haiku# and then the number.

I took this idea from a record label in UK Naviar Records (you find it on SoundCloud) and I created one ambient tune out of the mood of one Haiku they posted (they send you a new Haiku every Wednesday in an email). It turned out into an ambient tune (which was no surprise for me) but there where also some pretty experimental tunes.

So here is one example:

without a voice
the heron would disappear –
morning snow

by Fukuda Chiyo-ni


So what do you think about this idea? Is anybody interested?
I like it! That heron haiku is sooo deep it is a huge platform for writing a song from.

How should we tag these songs?
Thanks @datsch for your pretty good question! I will post it like this: Haiku#1, Haiku#2 and so on. So the tag will be Haiku# and then the number.
Be aware that there is the long-running FAWMku thread for haiku triers, although it tends to be a sparring match or witty/2 responses rather than inspiration!
Thanks @timfatchen ! The idea in this challenge is to create a tune and use the posted haiku as an inspiration. To create something new out of the mood of the Haiku.
I plan to post traditional Haikus or new Haikus based on the traditional Japanese way to write them.
@mahtowin Nice idea, I'm down for giving that a go :)
@safred this would be very cool! 😎😃
Yes. Tentatively interested. We'll see how many challenges I commit to, lol. But I got a really nice song out of a poetry prompt last year, so this is promising.
Pen in hand, words flow
Melody takes shape in mind
Songwriting magic

Yes! und Ja!
@nancycunning @tawny249 @florianhoffmann
Fine! We will see where it leads us to ….😊🙏
The gates will open tomorrow and I want to post the first Haiku now, so if you are interested create anything you want to out of the mood and the atmosphere of this wonderful poetry:


Pflaumenblütenduft -
mächtig bricht die Sonne hervor
über dem Bergweg

plum blossom scent -
powerful the sun breaks through
over the mountain path

Matsui Basho' (1644 - 1694)

@nancycunning @datsch @safred @florianhoffmann @tawny249
Ooh, a classical one from Japan. Powerful nature imagery. 👍
Oh what an amazing haiku!!!!!!! Powerful indeed. Thank you <3
@datsch @safred @tawny249 @florianhoffmann @beebalm7000

Here is #Haiku2:

Bergwald - zwischen Bäumen
glänzt tief unten klares Wasser

Mountain forest - between trees
deep below clear water shines
month of summer

Tagawa Ho'ro' (1762 - 1845)

Have fun!
As a fawmling, I think this is a great idea! Looking forward to being inspired! #Haiku2 already has already tickled my creative muse.
@queenie go on! Just do what your inspiration leads you to :-) but above all: have fun here!
@safred @florianhoffmann @datsch @queenie @tawny249 @beebalm7000

So, here is one of my favorite Haikus!


Schwebt da eine abgefallene
Blüte an den Ast zurück?
.... Ah, ein Schmetterling!

Does a fallen
flower float back to the branch?
.... Ah, a butterfly!

Arakida Moritake (1473 - 1549)

Have fun!
@safred @florianhoffmann @datsch @queenie @tawny249 @beebalm7000

Here comes #Haiku4:

verfallener Tempel -
der grimmige Wächter am Tor
überwuchert von jungem Laub

decayed tempel -
the fierce guardian at the gate
overgrown with young leaves

by Sassa Seisetsu (1872 - 1917)

Have fun!
@timfatchen could you link that haiku thread here as this was what came up when I was looking for it!

Ganze Fliegenschwärme
die sich am Kriege mästen
in aller Stille ....

whole swarms of flies
fattening up on war
in silence

Mitsuhashi Toshio (1920 - 2001)

Not a nice one today - but I wasn't in the mood for a nice one.
These are awesome. I am going to find some time to attempt at least one of these. Many if I can. Thank you @mahtowin
Go ahaed! I am looking forward to read or hear something from you! 😊
@mahtowin Thats a darker one indeed, see where that leads...
@safred Yes, it is different to the others. But thats what makes it interesting. Looking forward with what you come down to!
This is a great idea - and the haikus are beautiful. I will see what comes up...
again is a modern one:

zur Schlafenszeit

at sleeping time
heart avalanches

by Takayanagi Shigenobu (1923 - 1983)

Have fun!
I'm workimg on a set of illustrations for a Haiku book. 4 down and 24 more to go. I'm hoping to be finished in a couple of months.

Ein Schmetterling stürzt ...
mit gewaltigem Knall
in die Eiszeit

a butterfly falls ....
with a huge bang
into the ice age

Tomizawa Kakio (1902 - 1962)

Have fun!

Stille ...
das Sirren der Zikaden sickert ein
in den Fels

Silence ...
the chirping of the cicadas seeps into
the rock

Matsui Basho (1644 - 1694)

Erster Tag im Jahr!
Mit diesem Herzen möchte ich
in der Welt leben

first day of the year!
with this kind of heart I want to
live in this world

Takakuwa Ranko (1726 - 1798)
Ok, the falling flower/butterfly haiku inspired this one: https://write.fawm.org/songs/16146
Haiku of the day:


Aus Diamant
en einziger Tropfen Tau
auf einem Stein

consists of diamond
one single drop of dew
on a stone

Kawabata Bosha (1897 - 1941)
Here come the Saturday evening Haiku:


Es dunkelt über dem Meer -
ein Entenschrei:
matt schimmerndes Weiß

It darkens above the sea
a duck cries:
matt shimmering white

Matsui Basho (1644 - 1694)

In einem früheren Dasein
war ich einmal ein Wal -
einsam war's, einsam ....

in a previous existence
I once was a whale
it was lonely, lonely ...

Masaki Yoko (*1952)

Der Ruf des Kuckucks
verliert sich ins Weite - dort
eine ferne Insel

the cuckoo´s calling
gets lost in the distance - over there
a distant island

Matsui Basho (1644 - 1694)