Spark Your Imagination Challenge

Here are 60 ideas to "SPARK" your imagination!! Pick one or two or just find one that takes you somewhere. These are being posted to help you write more, there are no rules, I'm just providing an opportunity to get to your next song!! Share which one you chose and how it got you to your next song and tag #spark
Have Fun!!

60 Writing Prompts To Spark Your Imagination
1. Your favorite childhood vacation.
2. “As night became day, he started to understand the truth.” Now, go write the rest.
3. Turn one of the last texts you sent into a story.
4. Add an original scene to the last movie you watched.
5. Two friends have a disagreement.
6. Write about your favorite teacher.
7. Outside the window, you see something you can’t believe.
8. Write about the first time you held someone's hand.
9. Write about the last thing/person that made you smile.
10. Write about a time you were lost.
11. Write about your first job.
12. Write a letter to your 14-year old self.
13. Write about why you write.
14. Five years from now, I will be.
15. Write about your dream vacation.
16. Do you like to be alone or with company?
17. You have $300 and a Prius, describe the 2,800 mile road trip from NYC to LA.
18. Write about your biggest goal.
19. Write about your biggest fear.
20. A conversation you and a stranger have on a plane.
21. A time you or someone you love was scammed.
22. Turn the last song you listened to into a story.
23. Describe the life of your favorite singer.
24. Write about a piece of furniture in the room you’re in.
25. If I knew then what I know now.
26. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
27. You have a billion dollars in your bank account. How did you make it?
28. You’ve discovered a new planet. Describe what you see.
29. If you could do anything for work, what would you do?
30. You live on an abandoned island, describe your morning
31. You’re in a foreign country and don’t speak the native language.
Love these too! Dang Tammy, you are on fire with inspiring prompts!!
Nice. :-) Thanks for sharing!
Thank you @johnstaples I use these for my Songwriting Group also. I have thirty more, but it won't allow me to post the rest, not enough characters for my lists.
I ran #jamuary this year on, and I came up with these prompts (for electronic jams, but most of them are pretty open-ended):

1. A song celebrating the new year
2. A song without an intro
3. A song with an odd time signature (5/4, eg)
4. A song with a key change
5. A song where the BPM changes
6. A song using only acoustic or battery powered instruments
7. A song using a piece of gear you haven’t used in a while
8. A song using an instrument in a non-traditional role (bass for lead, pads for percussion, etc.)
9. Record a song in a different place — another room, the outdoors, a hotel room
10. A song that has a pedal point or drone
11. A song using cheap equipment
12. Make a requiem for yourself
13. Make a lullaby
14. A song using a diminished seventh chord
15. A remix one of your songs
16. A song with a palindromic element — it could be a melody, a chord progression, a beat, anything
17. A song written as a fake band
18. A song with 2 different time signatures
19. A #slothcore song
20. A song capturing a feeling that is hard to translate (eg, "Waldeinsamkeit: the feeling of solitude and connectedness to nature when being alone in the woods.")
21. A song that that includes sounds from nature — birds, water, wind, etc.
22. A song incorporating the sound of a day-to-day object —a glass, a pencil, a pillow?
23. “There and back again”
24. “I have no idea what I’m doing”
25. “Everything old is new again”
26. A song with too many notes
27. A song with very few notes
28. A song with 4 voices
29. A song where something is late
30. Write a song without listening to any of it (only listen after someone else has listened and commented)
31. Write a song celebrating the month
@elesimo @tamsnumber4 Believe it or not, I have used some of these prompts last year. The lists are very helpful. Thank you.
@mandolinda - Great stuff, I’ll plan on revisiting for inspiration once we get going!
Here are 28 prompts from the Hoops Wille Songwriting Challenge Generator from years past:

1 You can only use a word once in your lyrics
2 Feature something that isn't an instrument prominently in your recording
3 No personal pronouns in your lyrics i.e. no 'I', 'you', 'she' etc
4 Write about an event in your life, but from someone else's perspective
5 You must use the word 'undecided' in the lyrics.
6 You must mention the names of at least four cities in your song.
7 Write a song about a fictional location
8 Write a song from the perspective of an animal
9 Write about your earliest memories
10 Write a song about another song you like or dislike very much
11 Write a song about an evil telephone salesperson
12 Write a song about writing a song
13 Use a headline from today's newspaper in your lyrics - verbatim.
14 Incorporate a countdown from 10 to 1 in your lyrics.
15 You must use two meanings of a single word (such as "bank") in your song.
16 Use both the major and minor of the same chord somewhere in the song
17 Write about an unpleasant bodily function
18 Write a song with an element of science-fiction
19 Write a song about a letter of the alphabet (any alphabet you like)
20 Write a song about a dream or nightmare you've actually had
21 Write a protest song protesting against something utterly trivial
22 Write a song about your next door neighbors' secret lives.
23 Have a very loud verse and a very quiet chorus
24 Write about ghosts
25 Compose / perform a song regarding a past experience in your life
26 Use a chorus that starts with the word, "but..."
27 Compose/perform a song regarding a megalomaniacal desire to take over the world.
28 Write a song about your home town.
Oh man, I want to bookmark this and come back to it for 28 days! So good!
Ooh some GREAT ideas in here! Thanks for sharing!
32. Describe how you think your grandparents met.
33. Write about a time you failed.
34. You wake up today with the superpower of your choosing.
35. You’re a dog, describe your interaction with a human.
36. Write about someone you admire.
37. Go to Twitter or Facebook and write about the first post you see.
38. Write about a time you were uncomfortable.
39. She tried to forget him, but never could.
40. Just as your flight takes off, you discover a shocking note under your seat.
41. None of your friends remember you, describe yourself to them.
42. An island rose from the sea.
43. Out of the ashes, arose a hero.
44. The whales grew feet.
45. I open the last book on earth.
46. You knock louder and louder on the door, but nobody answers.
47. The door you had locked, is wide open.
48. Just as you fall asleep, the phone rings.
49. She had the perfect party planned, only to have it ruined by her ex.
50. She said her final words and left, there’s no turning back now.
51. A blind man falls in love, describe his feelings.
52. You have the power to stop time, what do you do?
53. The sun rose for the final time.
54. You discover that your partner is a robot.
55. You have 10 days to live.
56. How will cars look in 50 years?
57. This needs to be cleaned, the police will be here any minute.
58. For years, he carefully planned out this day.
59. The birds didn’t go south for the winter.
60. It’s June 13th, the snow won’t stop falling.
Wow, love these - thanks!!
Wow! Definitely a lot of good prompts here! ^_^ Thanks!
Looks like you have WOW-ed us all with this one Tammy. I especially like your last one #60. It reminds me of when I went to that Woolly Mammoth reunion back in the Ice age.
"It reminds me of when I went to that Woolly Mammoth reunion back in the Ice age." @thetau I just read this....that gave me a good laugh!!!!
Thanks for these prompts!! These are my favourite part of FAWM - I end up writing songs I never would have thought of. Really appreciate you folx!
This is so great! I'll use one or more of the prompts from here and will be back!
Yay, we have had our first Spark challenge!! Check out mikeb's Rock Opera addition and see if you get a "Spark" of inspiration!!