What's Your Gateway Song?

Are you like me and are flummoxed by the concept of so many new bands to try out when FAWM starts? If so, I have an idea!

What is your gateway song?

Post here a song from your discography that would give listeners a sense of what kind of stuff you do.
Here's mine. Most people call this song "City". All the songs from my FAWM last year were untitled so call it whatever you desire. It's got some alt-rock grungy aspects, some weirdness with the omnichords, vocals that aren't me. I think this is a good starting point. Sure, I do lots of other sounds (that album for instance ends with a soul crushing barebones piano ballad) but this does set the tone.

My music is generally stripped down acoustic guitar and vocal, especially here on FAWM. In addition to songwriting, I’m a leather crafter, and used that as a metaphor for the track I released this summer during the Roe v Wade opinion leak.
Not sure I have a definitive tune, but this one is something I'm proud of...
Wow, that's a good question. I write in multiple genres, so here's a playlist you can skim thru. https://soundcloud.com/sonya-heller/sets/music-for-media
FYI, all but 2 on this playlist were created during FAWM. A sure testament to the power of what can happen here!
I don’t do pro demos, just raw, amateur DIY YT uke and voice drafts of my songs. They fall into several styles, but “Mother, I’m Blue” is heading a direction I want to go more often.

Here's one I wrote last FAWM and liked enough to release as a single, it's called Idle Hands.

More often than not, my songs fall into the folk/American category. Here’s one from FAWM 2021 that I’m particularly happy with: https://youtu.be/Ry9J1NFxC28
Neat idea! Since most of my songs come from the worlds of fantasy and science fiction, an introduction might help make sense of that perspective.

From FAWM 2013, maybe not totally representative, but in the ballpark:
A lot of the work I do these days is instrumental, but back when I did (more) vocals, there were a few songs. And, the backing track is similar to what I do now, so... The song in question has one line in it.

Hmm alright, tough one since I do about 20 different genres, but how about this...

@vomvorton As someone who has been listening to you for years, you definitely understood this assignment.
This is not an easy assignment. As @ianuarius mentioned, multi-genre writing does not easily translate into a single example. But I love the exercise. Great thread, Niv.

Here's mine: https://tcelliott.bandcamp.com/track/cold-enough
Thanks for starting this topic! I now have a playlist to listen to while I work today 🙂

Like @ianuarius, hard to pick a single song as I work across so many distinct genres (jazz, classical, grunge, etc). But this song I think song covers epitomizes a lot of how I think about songwriting in general, regardless of the genre.
I only have 11 songs demoed, so none of them really capture the style I am hoping to achieve.. so I'm linking my first, to give a sense of where I started. https://youtu.be/vjDtGDA3Tjs.
hmmmmmmmmmmm tough but I'd say this is a good representation of us. It's a little bit of everything:

Here's the DJKA gateway track:
https://open.spotify.com/track/3X2Yz2JALslErKsfVZJ48Y?si=fd72adbf24094dd2 (The Will of The Sea)

As a foul-mouthed marsupial I'd have to say this one pretty much sums up what you can expect from me!

This was originally a FAWM song-- "Do It Anyway!!" I just released it on my new EP "Rough Draft." It's not a perfect introduction to my style because I plan to get into more looping and electronic sounds this FAWM, but simple ukulele songs are also a lot of what I do.

Warning for swears. 😎

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/43VSSPDQyPmYZe4P5pxrBh?si=x4OBdUiEQmakbCEBvEGmhA&utm_source=copy-link

YouTube: https://youtu.be/9f5oa4BIGnk
I ... am not really sure how to answer that, because in some ways, I feel like I'm rebooting. I'm like a version of Doctor Who, I have no idea who I am yet.

So ask me in March. Right now, it's a complete mystery.
I change things up a bit from song to song, but always circle back to 1980s influenced synthpop, so this song from 50/90 is in the right musical ballpark and lyrically namechecks a bunch of influences - so seems like one to go with:

'Kate and Debbie' - https://soundcloud.com/atitlan/kate-and-debbie
@terroratspacecamp you had me at "I am the king of rats" 😍 I resonate with this song because I, too, am indentured to capitalism.

Slowly going through the rest in this thread...
As others note, its little hard to narrow it down. This one was my "too excited about my first FAWM to keep from writing in January" song, based on watching the "Louie Bluie" documentary about Tennesse blues fiddler / mandolinist Howard Armstrong.

"Chicken Eatin' Preacher": https://soundcloud.com/tseaver/chicken-aint-nothin-but-a-bird-preproduction
i guess stuff like this but not stricly this either still playing around with my sound allot trying to work out what is is

I have mostly been a ballady/country/folky sort of singer-songwriter but FAWM has encouraged me to try different stuff. Dunno what I'll do next month but here is an example of my work that I am proud of called No One Knows Their Names.

I don't want to just give you my best song, cos where do you go from there?
I have however noticed a phenomenon at our live shows, they're are tons of audience videos of this song and almost none of any others. I believe this is because this is the song where people who like us realise they like us.

Old Man Slippers
@terroratspacecamp - love City, for what it's worth. Has a brooding, PJ Harvey quality to it, but with dreamy synthyness (omnichord? I don't even know what that is) in place of spiky guitars. I like everything about it, to be honest. The extended chorus is great, and the vocalist really sells it, bringing a lovely build to the whole thing.

Here's one I posted up three weeks ago: https://yeslessness.bandcamp.com/track/callin-for-you
This is my theme song:


I actually wrote that for FAWM in 2007, but this is a newer version for YouTube.
Nice idea @terroratspacecamp - All of my previous FAWM’S have been themed around mangled audio clips from public domain films. Mr. Jones Part One is from my 2021 FAWM album, Voices From Tomorrow’s Yesterday.

My other releases are mostly instrumental in my self-defined genre of “ambient string-fuzz, astral funk, and generally pleasing electronic noise”.
@johnstaples- love the idea behind No One Knows Their Names, and its a great song too. I love the contrast between the immediacy of the perky, jangly strings and the vastness of the timescales we are dealing in here. On the topic of the degree to which prehistoric humans could live fulfilling lives - have you read Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind? I think Harari's of the opinion that things were just dandy (well, you know what I mean) during the hunter gatherer era - it was just agriculture that screwed everything up...
@terroratspacecamp that vibe takes me right back to the 90s alt scene.

@stuartbenbow Spotify is being a bitch, but it's probably because I'm on my Linux laptop rn. Imma get back to you.

@dragondreams wut is happening with those drum rolls? Fantastic.

@sunnymae that is funky AF

@newukenewyork that's intimate and beautiful. And, please take this as a compliment, your stank face is fantastic. Every musician does their stank face when they do a good bit.

@vomvorton you sound nothing like them, but, your vibe puts me in mind of Crowded House and their ilk.

@scubed you best watch out, that opening riff is begging to be sampled. I feel you. I need that open country too.

@philkmills I have an unhealthy appreciation for filk. I wish I'd read this book. I still have time.

@fatboyjamz loving the vocoder. Yes.

@ianuarius Holy shit you wrote a 28 minute song ARE YOU INSANE that is cool. For real, I skipped around, but that's amazing. I salute you.

@tcelliott That's baddass. I like your articulate self-awareness.

@deadhead I'm feeling your vocal layers man. You're strong there.

@ltunes Ooooo I'm hearing a double bass and a trashy drum kit behind there. Nice one.

@aeye YES FAWMTRONICAAAAAAA Imma keep my eye on you.

@opossum You already know I fucking love you man.

@auditasum You had me at the opening fuckup. That the song was amazing was just a bonus at that point. You're cool, you can stay.

@atitlan How can I not love square waves? Your choice of waves is superb.

@tseaver Comrade! I'm feeling your blues, man. I'm not sure I've heard you do blues before. Do more blues!

Anyway, I haven't made much in a while, but this is the last thing I made - it's a thingy based on mangling Star Trek Voyager samples. The scene moved me, is all.


Have a great FAWM everybody.
@meapsie - Never Ending is quite beautiful. I wish I had the ability to make such assured, interesting productions. Love the flickering, shimmering hi-hat, bouncing around dementedly - I guess its the spine of the song? The guitar and chord progression in quite lovely too.
@mdavisto - The Child Who Never Had A Chance is an absolute cracker - really great sounding all through.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you guys keep posting while I'm typing! I'm off to bed, I'll give more ears tomorrow.
For this year, at least, my gateway song can be "Lemon Strudel" from 50/90 2017: https://yam655.com/j/2017-09/04_r1515/

Lo-fi improvised lyrical acapella with a kishotenketsu song structure.

I may do some other stuff, but this is the sort of thing I'm aiming for this year.

Realistically, though, people should be aware that I've released an album like:

If I'm being honest, I sing about poop a lot. It is quite possible that one or more songs will turn toward that matter before the end. After all, even a song titled, "If I Fail, I'll Need Your Help" ended on a brown note. (Though the "twist" in that song is that I'm actually asking to help the listener eat their sweet treat.)
@sunnymae "No Intention" is a jam! And relevant since the people in power still don't cut us in on anything. 🔥
@brisk sadly the hi hats the way they are is a error on my part but this song was the 2nd one i released last year was more about forcing myself to put it out more than anything else but thanks
so many diverse sound looking forward to feb even more now
@vomvorton that song is catchy as hell
One song? That's hard. I think this song was a pivotal one for me, but it's kind of where I was rather than where I'm going.

@mdavisto Spotify is also down for me. I think it's a Spotify problem 😬 Thank you for appreciating the left-in fuck up in my song lol
@scubed I think I remember that one from 2021 FAWM! Beautiful lyrics and I love the nature imagery in your video 😍
@opossum I'm crying from the feral beauty of your song 😭
That's a great question. @jeff9 and I did a bunch of collaborating during the 5090. I'm a sucker for a tender song sung by a tough guy, and Jeff does such a great job of bringing those characters and emotions to life...Here's one called "Honey, You Already Are" It can count for the #response_song challenge, because it's the parent's response to a song that was posted at FAWM 2022 called Somewhere, East of Nashville - that told the story of a singer giving up and going home. Jeff did one version, and other people did others, and it was great. https://soundcloud.com/jeff-walker-4/honey-you-already-are?in=nancy-cunningham-2/sets/songs-created-for-fawm-5090&si=945a4d1575d3405db188cbe60c19a167&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
@tseaver Classic blues tune and "chicken-eatin preacher" is a great insult, I will be using that 🐔
One I wrote for last FAWM. Hope you like...

@johnstaples Anthropological and so poignant, you should be proud!
@brisk wow this song is so morose and catchy at the same time 🐦
I find it hard to select several songs, let alone one but maybe this piano piece could be an example: https://nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/track/the-enchanted-castle
I sort of move between riff based rock and ballads so difficult to pick one track. I’ll go with this tune which is a ballad with a heavier middle section as something in between. I actually wrote this during my first FAWM but only released it this month

Pigeon hole me at your peril :-) but this is one of the most popular songs when i have played it live https://johnnicholson.bandcamp.com/track/i-hear-the-world-is-crying
This is my first kick at the FAWM can. I have no idea whether I'll have enough inspirations to write the target number of songs. Time will tell (or not!)

No matter what I try to do, everything comes out as a ballad, so I may as well use that as today's calling card, This was the outcome of a one-hour songwriting challenge based on a four chord sequence. The one hour time span produced the first verse and chorus and the next day it got fleshed out to what you'll find at this link: https://paulpedersen.bandcamp.com/track/all-my-life
@paul_pedersen this is a beautiful song. As a hopeless romantic it really resonates with me. Watchlisted you to see what you come up with. Good luck
@paul_pedersen no pressure here Paul if you write one song its one more song so however many you do is great! The romantic in me really enjoyed your song!
Here are a few random responses from the gateway songs here.

@terroratspacecamp - Love the music and vocals. The lyrics are awesome!

@dragondreams - I like this. Raw, creative, great!

@ltunes - I love the acoustic. Folk! Good stuff.

@tseaver - Excellent vocals and lyrics! I love the delivery of this song.

This is more in the spirit of what I do nowadays, if anyone would like to have a listen.

@mdavisto I don't know if anyone has called out any part of my vocals as my strong point before 😳. I've been working hard on improving them over the last year though, so thanks for the comment, it means a lot!

I've listened to all of the songs posted in here so far. This is a great list and I'm getting even more hyped for FAWM to start. Keep them coming!!
@spikedirection What a high-octane romp! And the album title is apropos. 😀

@downburst Every year I forget how much I love your production sensibilities, and then the first time I hear one of your tunes I'm back in sonic heaven. My FAWMnesia grants me the joy of hearing you for the first time many times over!

@tseaver You've transported me. LOVE the backing vocals on it.

As for me... I don't know that I've actually found "me" yet. I used to have a Jekyll-and-Hyde routine, either writing complicated classical-prog numbers beyond my resources and abilities to produce (which never see the light of FAWM), or else completely stripped-down three chord numbers anybody could write (these often do). Lately I've very much erred simpler, but I guess this song probably best shows the way in which I'll lightly evoke another style within a simple acoustic-pop structure: https://open.spotify.com/track/7nVgAi9EqfeUdMa2nyCUcP?si=1ecb55102b4c4061

Honestly, my best work wouldn't be possible without my @lavishdude compatriot @deadhead livening up the skeleton structures I create. At this point, my default plan is to write two or three tunes per FAWM as only a lead sheet, giving him minimal prompting about the vibe of the song, and letting him take it places!
@mattwdunn - Thank you for your kind response. I'm delighted to have followed you as well.
@coolparadiso - As you suggest, even one extra song is an accomplishment. Hopefully I can manage that and more. I read your bio and noticed that you spin off lyrics with ease. If you have any spare lyrics suitable for a hopeless romantic, that would speed up my production tremendously. Email works, if you have anything for me to work on.
@mdavisto I don't do the stank face on purpose but I secretly aspire to reach the stank-face heights of Este from Haim.
This one is probably one of my most personal songs. Wrote it ages ago & it's stayed pretty much the same throughout the years, though every performance of it is different in its own way (as it should be). I get requests to play it when I play live - so somehow it's become a crowd favourite. Probably because of the raw emotion I put into it when I perform. Anyway, it's a simple song (by my usual standards), without any loops or my usual fare, but it really hits the sort of things I've always wanted to express in my music.

Ecstasy - https://candle.bandcamp.com/track/ecstasy-fawm-2017-demo
This is from the one album I have on Bandcamp (my husband and I write and perform together). We identify as filkers, but in terms of genre, we’re a little #folk a little #rock, a little #pop (and if you listen to the whole album, there’s even a bit of #funk in there. We defy genre. 😁) #filk #folk_pop #folk_rock

As a drummer who doesn't know alot about chords and notes etc, I'm pretty proud of this (and other songs I've written in the same style)

This is Wanderer, a song I wrote during FAWM and later recorded in Nashville at Dark Horse. I always say this is a good introduction to my style and songwriting. Acoustic folk morphing into bigger acoustic rock sound.

This was the leadoff track on my album because it seemed like the best introduction to What My Deal Is: it's a fun and peppy number with a stirring kazoo solo, offsetting the heartfelt and kind of depressing lyrics.

I love this thread - thanks @terroratspacecamp (what a cool username too!)

Here is a keyboard song probably in the singer/songwriter genre:

Here is an acoustic guitar song probably in the indie folk genre:
So Long

Most of my lyrics are piano ballads, at heart. "Perfectly Broken" has not been released yet, but it won a Josie award in Nashville in October for Songwriting Achievement. This is a demo, and most definitely a piano ballad.

Perfectly Broken:
I’m really into nature. This is the title track to the album I recorded for my 50th birthday.
I make a lot of ambient electronic stuff, but this one I did at the end of 50-90 is probably my favorite songwriter song I've done so far, and I'd like to make more like it.

@kathrynhoss I enjoyed listening to Do It Anyway! Lovely vocals and a great message!
Hey @brisk I just listened to Callin' For You and thoroughly enjoyed it! What a lovely song! I love the harmonies in the chorus quite a lot! Also, it tickled me that you called the genre "Paul MacCartney style granny music"!!!
Thanks @mdavisto and @kathrynhoss for the nice comments! Didn't expect to be already getting those in January 😁
Hello, @johnstaples! Glad you liked that one. Just to clarify, I'm not trying to imply that I'm Paul-tier! Its just that Honey Pie, Martha My Dear, Your Mother Should Know, etc... these have been my jam since I was two or three years old. (Oh, and "granny music" was something disparaging that John said about some of Paul's writing in an interview once that stuck in my mind.)
I'm sorry I just can't describe my music with one song, so I took two extremes. I'm a multi genre composer / producer who collaborates with many musicians. I have weird ideas for...

Rock, metal...

Pop, ballads...

And everything in between even with some blues or electro influence.

So psyched to listen to your songs later!
@jacobeverettwallace Really enjoyed listening to “Wanderer” - subscribed.

As for me, my music varies so much and my favorite is usually the one I’m working on so guess I will wait to see what I do this FAWM.
Christ on a bike there's a lot of you. OK here we go.

@meapsie MMmmmmmmmmmm that bass is so lovely and deep and bendy! And the guitar so warm!

@johnstaples Dude your texture and the way you emote is so cool. You remind me a of a lot of people, and yet you're none of them. Thanks for the listen.

@spikedirection Fuck yeah! This is late nights in smokey bars in my youth. Many a worthy hangover was crafted to music like this.

@brisk you're a man out of time. This could be a Beatles track.

@kim_otcj I dig how you commit to it, you know? Like, song like this, you can't half-ass it. You whole-assed it, man.

@frozenlonesome Oooooooh you sexy, sexy thing. You had me expecting a fat Portishead beat on it, but then you went somewhere entirely more funky.

@yam655 You know what? It's ballsy as fuck to go acapella. You're the real deal, man. Respect.

@downburst Spotify still hates me, sorry, I'll circle back

@nancycunning Sjoe! That's deep, a mother writing to her son. Props for the vulnerability.

@pfaffbrill Oh shiiiit the triplets! You got my head bouncing. Tonally you remind me of Type O Negative, but this is entirely your own vibe. Nice reminder of why you're on my Watchlist.

@musicsongwriter Yo is that recorded live? It sounds like it's in a space. That was all kinds of purty, you play wonderfully.

@mattwdunn Wowwww you have a very polished sound, that's lush. That chorus is hooky as fuck, man. Great song, you can go even bigger oohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit I just hit the guitars hahaaaaaaaaaa

@coolparadiso You put me in the mind of Dire Straights. That's super mellow, man.

@paul_pedersen god DAMN you throw vox with passion, man. You better have gotten a hook up out of this.

@hspromking Dude. You own this genre. What can I even say? Imma gonna go put some skate pants on.

@candle your link is broken for me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't have time, I'll carry on later. What a talented bunch you are.
I find this question brings up the same flavour of anxiety as “why do you think you would be a good fit for this company?”

This has most of the ingredients anyway: ethically engaged / depressed lyrics, but an upbeat, synth driven sound, lively bassline, etc etc.

Here's what I would share. Country flavored, but with a little bit of an edge musically and a lyric style that's probably captured fairly well by part of what I think is the best line in the song. Probably not too hard to guess which one.

This song, written for the About Me challenge in 5090-2020, is so full of my particular songwriting/arranging quirks that it is my calling card. If only I could sing parts with myself live...
For my 14th FAWM in 2020, I did 14 songs of 14 seconds. I think they give a good flavour of what one might expect from me in around the same amount of time as a normal song. http://www.helenseviltwin.com/helen/FAWM2020/Helen_FAWM2020_14x14.mp3
That's a difficult question to answer, because what I sound like changes from week to week. But when I'm on a roll, I can come up with stuff like this (which was written inbetween FAWM and 50/90 a couple of years ago, so it might be unfamiliar to folks here).
I’ve gotten better at production in the 4 or 5 FAWMs since I made this but it’s still one of my favourites and a good representation of my sound/lyrics/vibe
@mdavisto Thanks for trying! Here: https://youtu.be/25s8Cv3KsSg
@mdavisto, thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it was live recording as always for my acoustic piano :)
I really enjoy listening to your songs as a FAWM warm up! So much interesting music :) Sorry that I had to skip everything that's been on Spotify and Deezer, cause I don't have streaming services.

Reminds me of the music played in the batcave. I like the weirdness, especially the sarcastic tone in her voice.

That's quite a fusion. Like the piano parts!

Oh, I seemed to have missed this one. The trumpets are cool!

Lovely song, I love the storytelling. Don't forget to join the #fuc (FAWM ukulele club)

Your song gives me some easy vibes of good old indie rock.

I've never been to New Mexico, but I can really feel the healining and happiness.

Oh, some filk! I didn't read this series, but I like the storytelling in the lyrics.

Chill and dark electronica vibes. Nice groove

I didn't know you write SO MANY genre (too). I'm a sucker for prog, but I will listen to your song when I have more time (and comment on YouTube). But the first 2 minutes sounded great!

You're also a very versatile artist! Your song is so deep and catchy. Great one!

Another super versatile artist. I knew you from last year's jazz and rock, and this one is funky and a bit progressive. Cool progression!

Gives me some Coldplay vibes though played with a uke. I also like the chord progression

Yeah, you're also all over the genres, but I enjoyed your track. Like a fusion of dnb and dark wave.

Foul mouthed with some humour, that's how we know you ;-)

I really liked that you left the swear word in that recording. Do it anyway! Great spirit!

Oh some 80s vibes, nice synth textures and a lot of references.

Such blues fun! You made me smile, thank you!

It's been such a long time I listened to trap influenced electronica. Such a nice chill vibe.
Yes, I remember that one. The storytelling is awesome.

Bring on the fuzz. I like that it's so rough and rocking. This garage blues could go wild live.

Oh, this has some oldschool vibes, I enjoy.

Such a cool idea to write a theme song. Strong blues vibe!

This style of electronic music is completely new to me. A bit expermental, a bit deep, and sampling swing? Interesting combo.

... more later.
I love this question, though it's always a tough one. As a solo artist I always feel limited by my technical constraints, and tend to "like" my collabs more, so I'm VERY tempted to post one of those, but I'm trying to embrace my more minimal stuff as the "me, distilled" that it kind of is (also, being real that anyone who chooses to follow me will get 50% (at best) well-recorded things (mostly collabs) and 50% very lo-fi stuff during FAWM.) The actual recording of this song is pretty aggressively lo-fi even by my standards (especially now that I've got a better recording set up) and WAY more mumblecore than I ever really do (this was a late-night recording so I was trying to be quiety), but lyrically and melodically, I'm really proud of this one, and it's at the top of my list for re-recording.

Your lyrics are always something special. Fully inspired!

I remember that one! You and @jeff9 do such great country collabs, and the lyrics are very strong.

I remember listening to this one on Facebook. First time I listened to synthpop on FAWM. Nice.

Oh, a new song - So beautiful and tragic. Like the harmonies here!

Nice album title, fits the spirit of the song well. I like the guitar solo

Wonderful romantic duet, so full of emotion!

Guess I missed the demo last year. The final turned out wonderful. I especially like the heavy rock elements close to the end.

I remember your punk influenced style from last year, and this is into your face again. Nice spirit of late 90s and early 2000s

Yes, I remember the demo for this one. Interesting lyrics!

Your link to your song "ecstasy" doesn't work :(

I like the energy in this song, especially the build. Great idea to sing as a duo!

Yes, that's very 80s. Interesting synth textures.

Super neat arrangement and production. Something to sink in.

Exactly my humour! You can pull of the blues quite well. The happy ukulele blues.

I'm a great fan of your fingerpicking, as it's so soothing. Didn't know you play the piano too! Lovely songs and harmonies.

Yes, this power ballad sound very big and could work in a movie. Nice production!

I love the chord progression. So desperate and 90s grunge influenced.

Great way to describe your songs. I am impressed by the beats and sounds your music offers!

I listened to this song some days ago and I liked it! You do some great country.

Yes, I remember this one too! You're one of the super productive people with a great sense of humour.
Such a fun experiment! This must have been a lot of work, and you're so versatile. I like your punk attitude.

Master of prog and ironic lyrics. Eventhough you meander through the genres, I will always find that hfo vibe!

Interesting and unique style. Like the answer response

Lofi, but with lots of emotion and spirit. Yes, the lyrics are great!

I'm through for today 😵. Thank you for the music!
Thank you so much, @nadine :)
“For my 14th FAWM in 2020, I did 14 songs of 14 seconds”. I love this idea. I imagine it’s way harder to make a 14 second song than a much longer one. I especially liked the 3rd and 4th song.

In the Wayback Days (1980), this fantastic compilation of 51 - one minute songs was released. Some real gems on this album.
My stuff is all over the place, but I think this one is pretty representative of my style: https://robynmackenziemusic.com/track/3276588/circles
ive written and played all kinds of music. but this song is representative of what to expect in from me in 2023. it was done for the 2022 50./90. https://billwhite.bandcamp.com/track/a-view-from-the-bridge
I have a very eclectic taste in music which is directly reflected in the different type of music i write from blues , jazz, funk, ambient etc.
I am primarily a guitar player but during covid I tried to learn some piano in incorporate into my songs. This funky ( my fav) song is a combo of guitar and piano.
I'm a bit all over the place, but maybe my favorite from last year (and a good snapshot of where my head is at) was this one... https://toddphipps.bandcamp.com/track/misplaced-demo
Probably "Silverfish." Yes, I always get remembered for a silly song about insects which I assumed no-one else would find funny. https://soundcloud.com/david-breslin/01-david-breslin-silverfish
One song out of so many genres?! There are a lot of great songs already in this list.
Well here is one from 50/90 that I think is somewhat representative.
My most consistent project is my one-man band persona. It's basically rockabilly with a folk-blues setup (tenor ukulele, stomp box and vocals) but on recordings I often add bass and some overdubs.
Mainly focused on getting a '40's-50's jump blues vibe so this is the most recent good example of what I do: https://open.spotify.com/album/1WALigRxtfdChBkBUzRQsz?si=GuXHOg2NTVSAtSnLNuF1ew&utm_source=copy-link
Now I wish I knew what I sounded like.
It's hard for me to know precisely what a finished product would sound like (i.e., vocals + instrumental parts, not just vocals), but in terms of melodies and lyrics I think this one from last year is pretty representative. I tend towards minor key songs, with roughly 85% of them being folk-ish melodies.


That said, I'm somehow known among a fair chunk of filkers for a cheerful song about the British cheese rolling competition, soooo take this with a grain of salt.
Ok here we go again.

@frenchcricket Yo I know this one! Good to hear it again.

@jeff9 I feel you, and I feel them bendy guitars.

@metalfoot I'm a middle-aged man too, bru. I also write songs for kicks, and as a farmer, I live out in the sticks. You're my people.

@helenseviltwin That was a fucken trip, not gonna lie. Your mind is a playground.

@headfirstonly The bugger of it is that they *do* live in your head. Makes them no less real.

@thelowestbitter Dude I have loved watching you progress; I totally get what you mean about production, but man, for real, you have also got so much better at songwriting. Love checking in on you.

@nadine I see you commenting on everything too, just want to say, you're cool AF

@loveonamixtape Feeling that chorus, that is seriously hummable.

@robynmackenzie Like, I wasn't sure at first, and then you hit the first chorus, and I was like, ah, right, I get the hype.

@billwhite51 Wait, Darkest Peru, in Lima? You must know my aunt Lucy. But in seriousness, your jam has such melancholy vibe to me. And melancholy songs are good.

@gm7 I feel like this wouldn't be out of place on a early 80s TV action show. But that's me. I dig that you shared an instrumental as your calling card.

@b3nut Hey, that is some self-aware and introspective lyric writing, my guy. Respect.

@davidbreslin101 Ah man, you remind me a little of one of my favourite fawmers, @paulhenry: stripped back, super competent, lyrically playful. You're cool.

@russkeys "to see what mischief I was up to, and if it's allowed". You seem like a man who is most mischievious, and does not care if it's allowed.

@beechcraftbonanza Computer says no to Spotify at the minute, sorry

Fuck me, I made it to the bottom of the thread! Thanks for the ear sauce.
@terroratspacecamp love the atmosphere you created in the song with the driving bass and electric guitar, the touches of organ synth, and the haunting vocals. Fabulous build and the song feels like being in a city. Nice use of repetition and a very memorable song.
Seems my Ecstasy link doesn't work (it is a Private Album on Bandcamp, so I guess that makes sense…). So, in it's place, try listening to a live version of Delicate Shame, a song from my first FAWM album, Chromatics. The pre-amble talks about my songwriting process & mentions FAWM:


And if you'd still like to hear Esctasy, here's a Live version of it as well:


See You In The Shadows…
@johnstaples Really digging "No One Knows Their Names" Beautiful fingerpicking, rich deep vocals and the song has a cool chill vibe. Also a very cool song topic and that title line is perfection.
I have ben picking away at some of these great tunes. I appreciate you sharing your gateway songs.
Love the melody and that driving kick drum....

@sunnymae Music for Media
stand up bass and an finger snaps...love it. Too many great things going on in this song to list.

@scubed These Wide Open Spaces
great video..love those open space and the desert scenery. Great singing and a catch melody.

Nice story..and a great recording and i like those vox doubling tracking sections

very smooth vocals and great uke playing

One word for this song...CLASSIC!!

Great Americana song. Great musicianship and all the instruments .FUNNY TOO!

great story. Now I am hungary !

great sentiment and message

DARK..But i like it. It could be an opening song for a musical.

I heard ya...great lyrics!

Always a great smooth tone to your vocals...wonderful!
@davidbreslin101 OMG Silverfish - another classic! I appreciate the sweet ode to such a disgusting and hard to catch creature! I love the old timey feel - the uke over the nylon stringed guitar (or maybe another uke), the chord progression, the crooning vocals and the melody. "Silverfish I never will squish you" - I am dying. This will be stored along with "Murder Mermaid Mode".
@gm7 funky indeed! Excellent guitar work and the addition of the keys adds a lot - cool synth choice too. I really enjoyed "Gotta Get Better"
@mdavisto The Child Who Never Had A Chance is so compelling - the concept, the creativity, the production, the effects, the driving beat, the build, the fall (so cool at 1:34). It is ear candy for someone like me who is trying to use more production elements in my songs.
@pfaffbrill - like the heavy feel, really nice production. Nice choices with the melody too (the downwards "finally ... fades."). Stately.

@paul_pedersen - that's such a delicate, lush, direct song. Love it.

@tawny249 - A Song of Ages Woven is a stellar title, and love the melody and words. Sombre and reflective, the words and music really locked in together.

@davidbreslin101 - Silverfish, so pretty. And the lyric is really nice. It doesn't come of as silly, more gently whimsical, wistful. Whenever there's genuine empathy, or something that sounds like it, it can sell almost any theme.
@candle New link works - ye gads, man, you can hold a note. Your lungs must be massive.
@downburst I'm supposed to be typing a comment but hold on, I gotta listen to the chorus one more time. MOAR HARMONIES gott damn. No seriously, more. That's a great knob, @downburst, turn it all the way to the right.
A little late here, but here’s a song I’m pretty happy with:

@willyviste Na man, I got you. Imma listen to your jam as an exercise in selfcare. Hmmmmmmm yes. That is the good shit. Ahhhhhhh the ecstacy at 1:47 when that solo happens - the sound is so fresh, yet at the same time you took me back to the pc demo crew scene in the 1990s. Thanks for the tune, and the memories.
@mdavisto Thank you!
Late to the party as well, buuuuuuuuut I'm a resident R&B/Lofi......hip....hop.......experimental person ahaha. ^^;;;

This is a song I actually did last year, that I was happy enough rework haha. Can't wait to hear all the creativity from everyone this year! 😀

Nice 60s psychedelic vibe with jangling guitars. Yes!

I like the pace of your storytelling. It's calm but still you want to follow all words.

Yeah, I remember this song from the album. Very funky and experimental. Like a mix of all you do!

Your song brings me back to 70s prog, but with a 90s drum machine. What a interesting combination. Great build up.

What a cool idea! If only silverfish were so jazzy, I would let them live.

Groovy bassline on a playful instrumentation. Interesting use of samples here.

I hear some medieval lute picking and flutes. Kudos that you create such vivid imagination just by a vocal demo!

I remember listening to this song last year and it's awesome!

Thanks for your new links! Yes, I hear the emotion in your performance of "Ecstasy"

Wow, I didn't hear any rnb the past years, and this is so smooth! Both singing and rap.
"How Did All These Spartans Get In My Instagram?" (live)

THinking about it, I have so many gateways it looks like the old-time CHicago railhead cattle drafting yards. (They accumulate with time!)
I'm a lyricist, and my style and approach is all over the place. Also, I'm only ever half of the equation (at best); more often than not a catalyst to let the brilliance of the composer and performer shine.

I do like this one, and so does the community - it attracted the equal-highest number of comments of anything I've been a part of in my 15-year history here:


It's also a pretty good introduction to @theresaj, although, of course, she will have her own favourite.
Wrote this one for SpinTunes my first time out... I don't capture this kind of thing as often in my writing, but it's a good representation of what I'm shooting for.

@thelocksmI loved your song "We Bought A House". Wonderful energy and a great melody.
@scotttestmusic I really enjoyed "Forgotten Cities". Wonderful song, great playing and singing and a really nice recording too. I love the haunting vibe to the song which perfectly matches what the song is about. I have done many song writing challenges but have never had a word limitation - what a great idea.
@sheslin Thank you!!
I am very unpredictable in the music I write, jumping from genre to genre and from complex to simple. I'll give a couple opposite examples, but using the same singer to at least give some continuity. (thanks @fearlessflight2014)

Oxygen Thief (full band)

Somebody Else (acoustic)
Okay, I didn't think I'd have one to post because they are all so different, but then I thought about my first song for 50/90 and how different it was for me and how fun it was.

So, here it is "Nasty Lies" from 50/90/22.

I tend to write songs that are a bit punk and a bit folk with influences like Frank Turner, Camper Van Beethoven, and The Decemberists. People have told me that a lot of my songs remind them of The Dead Milkmen. I love writing songs that are funny but also make some kind of a point, and if they have a bit of a twist thrown in somewhere, so much the better. This one's a good example. It's about accepting people, no matter what gender they're attracted to, and it's called "Flaming."

My sound is mostly drawing from the 80s, but I also add in just what feels good. Difficult to nail one song as defining my sound, but Are You Good? certainly captures 'something.' :)
@newukenewyork That's a really lovely song. Classic sweet folky feel to the music. The whole thing is lyrically beautiful, but that last verse is amazing. <3 If that's your sound...well. I'm here for it.
I don't have anything formally recorded (yet), but here's a video of me performing a pretty thoroughly Alyx song at the Rocky Mountain Song School last summer: https://youtu.be/1z9dRVV3iX0
Of the songs I've released so far I'm the proudest of this one: https://patabsent.bandcamp.com/track/nothing

I've explored some new sonic territory on my unreleased stuff for the next record.
@zecoop - "Somebody Else" is lovely!
@tawny249 that means so much to me. Thank you sincerely.
Wow, it'll take a really long time to get through all of these! But I'll share mine anyway, "Sins": https://youtu.be/zQsgnWkWeAg?list=PL0CPXoiusM7l3oatNPbDnNQeeaz4_0lBz

It's kind of hard because my lyrical themes and arrangements have been all over the place, but I would say this is the kind of direction I primarily intend to go in, but maybe with more instruments for a more punky feel. Very honest, raw, and heavy.
this kinda stuff or the blues
i call it ethereal indie rock ... it's rock music with synths and spacey effects

this is "Tides of Life" https://soundcloud.com/cloudrifter/tides-of-life
frusciante-inspired guitar and groovy bass
Well, there's this one, one of two that I managed to write last year:

I mostly write jazz songs more or less in the American Songbook tradition, but have branched out into more groove-based tunes.
The jazz: "Without You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjVt1ppMYf4
The groove: "Island In The Sea" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USdIKwm86pc