Cubase Pro 12

I have been using Logic pro for years and still do, but this year I decided to diversify a bit and get a DAW that will run on both Windows and Mac.

My main working machine is a Mac currently but at some point it will need replacing, and Macs are expensive.

Been using Cubase exclusively recently and will be using for this FAWM and have to say I am mightily impressed with it.

Any tip or trick you like to share on Cubase post them here.
You didn't get much traction on this! I'm a cubase user for year and years, but not particularly skilled IMO. I'm wondering if they are falling out of favor? Most people around me use Ableton if they are on a PC, Some Pro Logic. The main thing I like about Ableton is its much better at fixing minor rhythmic timing issues. It looks like the equivalent in Cubase is called Audio Warp Quantize? If so to get that I have to pay them about US$400 to upgrade from my current version. Yikes!
Sorry, late to the party. 😊

One thing I thought I'd use more in FAWM is Cubase's Project Logical Editor, for automating those repetitive commands, as explained by the enthusiastic Dom here:

[In practice, I stayed focused on songwriting 🙂 and improvements in my workflow didn't get much TLC.]