Spinnentraum (The Spider's Dream)

by @tageule

Liner Notes

#acoustic #weird #german #with-translation
A few months ago, I read an article about a scientist who got bored during lockdown and started catching the spiders in her flat and studying them. One day, she thought they had died but then realised they were sleeping. And they twitched in their sleep! These were the little jumpy ones, who don't make webs and whose eyes can move, and their eyes did move!
So, that may not be enough evidence for a scientist to say without doubt that spiders do dream, it's certainly enough for me to make a little song imagining what a spider might dream.
Keep in mind that this is not the well structured, web-making kind of spider, so if it got a bit messy, that's in character, right?


jemand schleicht
jemand jagt
jemand springt
jemand schwebt

jemand fällt
jemand klettert
jemand flieht
jemand folgt

wo ist oben
wo ist unten
wer jagt
wer wird gejagt
wo ist wer ist wo

some one is creeping
some one is hunting
some one jumps
some one hovers

some one falls
some one climbs
some one is fleeing
some one is following

where is up
where is down
who is hunting
who is being hunted
where is who is where


Das ist ja super. Ich mag das Lied sehr gern. Erstmal die Idee das es Spinnertypen die gar nicht spinnen können. Wie kann das nun sein? Dann ist die Musik mit deine Stimme in so viele Stellen ist wie ganz viele kleine spinnende nicht spinnende Spinner überall auf dem Fußboden.

(The music with your voice(s) in so many places all at once is like having lots of little crazy non-spinning spiders all over the ground.
I'd happily dive into a 15-minute remix of this! It really is both alien and dreamlike. I like the short, urgent thoughts of a tiny predator running all through the tapestry of sound.
That bass driven track reminded me (obliquely) of another bass driven song about a spider "Boris the Spider" by The Who.

This song was suitably jerky, mysterious and spooky.
It was also a great way to improve my German vocabulary aber mein deutsch ist feuchbar jetzt 😉
Saw the title and I had to listen. Fantastic idea - why wouldn't spiders dream? I like your take that spiders can be anxious too - so many things for them to be scared of and then dream about. Where is up, where is down - great lines, as disorientating as the music - in a good way :)
Super cool track. Really dig the tapestry of sonic textures in this.
Du wundervolle Klanggeschichtenerzählerin, das ist mal wieder ein zauberhaftes Kunstwerk geworden!
Very nice song. I never considered that spiders dream, but if they did this would be a nice soundtrack for their dreams.
Coole Idee! Mir gefallen diese vielen Vocalspuren übereinander und ineinander verwebt ... Spinnen eben.
Gorgeous creepy dreamy spider web tune!
Das ist eine ganz wunderbare Textidee, und sehr ansprechend umgesetzt. Gerade diesen "messy character" find' ich hier sehr passend!
That gave me the creeps! 😱 The arpeggiated vocal layers build a great nightmarish background. I immediately thought of Adrian Tchaikovsky's science fiction novel Children of Time, that describes how spiders evolve into an intelligent society.
Very suitable performance of a "spidery" nightmare that I never want to be caught in!
Ron Weasley: "Ist JETZT Panik angesagt!?" - Yes, it is! ;-)
Ooo, this is delightfully haunting, definitely spider-dream-like! I love the layers and the panning, really nicely done!
so spidery that i feel like the incredible shrinkling man in a basement full of giant spiders. the melody reminds me a bit of nico at the harmonium