80's Baby

by @steptide

Liner Notes

#needasinger #singer #vocals #now #femalesinger


Hey love that drum (uniquee) beat. Some parts are just killer. I like the transitions that changed the feel, as it goes changes. You have mastered the Use of the repetitive Motif, changing and moving it around through the instruments. COOL
Bright and cheery, airy.
Great drum sounds.
Love the synth choices.
I'm curious, do you use Reason - that filtery arpy synth that comes in at :30 is one I definitely remember hearing someone along the way browsing through my VSTs and stuff - and I love it!
It adds so much movement and rhythm, sounds really good under the drum beat.
Sounds like this could be played during a light-hearted montage of some sort in an 80s movie.
Nice track!
i want to buy
This is beautiful... I love the feel of nostalgia it has to it...
I like the synth intro. So groovy. or should I say tubular. It could also be video game. I could definitely see a Belinda Carlisle or Cyndi Lauper singing over this. Nice drum fill at 2:38.
The drums sound good! I don't know my synths, is that a Jupiter?
Got a kind of Stranger Things vibe to it with that lead line. This is nice. Well done!
Yes that's very 80s.
The synths sounds are all playing nicely together! 80s as heyell.
Nice synthy action! Has a mid-tempo melodicism to it that feels to me like it would be great backing for an 80s movie montage where the sad sack hero is working diligently (and with various low-key failures) on his hacking skills to break into NORAD (or whatever the heck Matthew Broderick was doing in Wargames).
cool instrumental! you've certainly nailed that 80s feel. top work!