Siren's Call

by @mannon


Liner Notes

#experimental #ambient #darkwave

Ahhhhhh, I have a habit every FAWM of not wanting to post my songs until they're finished....and then I forget the idea I was going to do. This year, I plan to just post songs even if they're half finished, and then continue it if I like it later (which is exactly the spirit of FAWM....I'm just an idiot who hasn't thought to do that for 9 years lol). Therefore this one is only half finished haha, but I'll make the full version eventually ^^;;;


(Follow me down,
Follow me down,)

My glass house comes with stone and torches,
The foundation's eroded, abandoned for weeks,
The truth is I can't,
Find the will to land,
on my feet, so I'm dead on arrival,

How can you love somebody, if you don't love yourself?
How can you live through life, when it becomes your personal hell?
When all you see is your demons, The darkest of night, they take all the light (And leave),

You? who are you?
Can you help me?
Find my peace?
You? Who are you?
Will you save me?
Will you break me?

(Follow me down, Follow me down)
(Follow me down, Follow me down)
(Follow me down, Follow me down)
(Follow me down, Follow me down)


thought I'd check out another one after I liked the last one so much. This is great the melody and breezy flows you create are super cool and enjoyable to listen to. Don't know if you made the instrumental yourself but if you did then bravo it all fits together perfectly. right up my street!
When I first started producing electronic music back in [redacted] my mentor at the time told me, "Oh Ix, nothing's ever 'done.'" It's the blessing and the curse of unlimited undo, redo, new-do, but the most important thing is DO.

You've really got something here, yeah, feels finished to me, more finished than it needs to be for FAWM. Hope you continue to let us hear anything near this great.
If I hadn't read your liner notes, I would've assumed this was a finished track 😀 Love the drums and modulated vocals
You're not alone with the "wanting to post a completed song all the time" mentality. It can be tricky, but I'm glad you posted this. The song has insightful, engaging lyrics, but what has me intrigued the most is how you sound A LOT like Michael Jackson. Uncanny and very accessible. Here's hoping you get to finish it as you've heard it in your mind. Bravo!
Really great atmosphere you’re building here! I like how you’ve used different vocal treatments to reflect the different voices that seem to be speaking in the lyrics. Fortunately the dead-of-night sort of sonic space you’ve created has plenty of room for multiple voices. The synth’d up voice is nicely haunting, the way it sneaks into the mix. Looking forward to the finished version!
good call on "post songs even if they're half finished." this has a spectacular groove even if you think you might return to it later to polish it off more. cool mythos imagery here, too boot. nice work!
If I were here to upload finished songs, I would only nail one. FAWM tought me to show drafts, eventhough they're only 20% from the sound I can get out with the right people, more practise and time. Kudos for making this rough draft sounding so good already. The drum programming is nice, the vocal layering is haunting. Nice post chorus!
Heck yeah keep putting them up finished or not. We want to hear them! I'm all about experimental and avant-garde and this is just my kind of listen. Your voice sounds great against the darkwave sound selection. And that industrial sounding reverbed snare hit is everything! Awesome song, very much enjoyed it.
Awesome track, love the instrumental and your vocals are always great. The "ooo" part is really great, nice composition overall. and damn it's not even complete! Nicely done.
I can definitely imagine listening to the final version headphones on, lights down. Nice one.

Dang this goes hard in yonder paint! Your voice sounds so good it’s rich and full but still somehow quite ethereal there are some super cool production choices in this piece. Very cool!
Great sound. Contrast in vocals for verse and chorus effective…. I’d continue this one. Fab