First Fruit (2023)

by @yam655


Liner Notes

It's my #firstfruits song. Once again it is the second song I've recorded, even though I know first fruit songs are supposed to be the first. It's also #one_take #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.

I'm using AI-based transcription, so it sometimes gets things wrong.

Still, I took a break from cleaning/moving, sang a song, and got it transcribed nice and quick. I think this will work well enough for this year.

This time I sang the song while sitting down for a quick break.


I planted a tree in my yard. It was supposed to be a fruit fruit tree. I planted a tree in my yard, but fruit did not did not come to me the fruit did not want to see see me. I waited a year or two or three after seven years the fruit came to be one fruit upon the tree the first fruit that I did see one fruit upon the tree the very first fruit bore me from the tree. I thought it would be a good fruit. I thought I would play it with my lewd I thought it would be a good fruit so I sing a song about beards with fruit but the fruit did not like my song. The fruit thought it went on way too long that fruit did not like the song It wanted a cleaning song it wanted to hear about the things that I cleaned with my hands while on my knees it wanted to hear about the things I moved about the things that caused me to grow grown grown the fruit it wanted to be the first the ruler of the all that proved it wanted to be the first and rule all through my holes that fruit wanted to rule my land but I only own a small bit of land that brood wanted to yes rule my land so I let it grow wide and far but my land is not that big. Just a little plot by my house you see but Hay House is not so big and fruit was only on a single tree the fruit only was on the fruit was only on a single tree but that yes pleased yes please me that fruit. It was only on a single tree and it was all I wanted it to be the first fruit it was my dearest friend. It kept me company until the end. When the tree rose from the ground. It's surrounded my house had surrounded the town that fruit it wanted to rule the land. And now we are in that beautiful little band. The fruit is a first fruit. Yes, you see the first fruit to rule this land with me. And I wanted to just have a friend friend prone Gramma tree. The first fruit was my lovely friend that will stick by its side until the end. The first group was my lovely friend. Now I will end this song I've gone on way yes way too long. And if you drive by my house, or that tree that lives where the town was, if you yes drive by that house, you will see that we all live in in a fruit tree


There are some very folky melodic passages here - "The first fruit was my lovely friend that will stick by its side until the end" stood out to me.

Lyrically it's an interesting exercise to see what comes out when you... just... keep... going... I have to say you have quite impressive reserves of words; I expect I would start to sink into guttural utterances and savage ululating before the 40 second mark...
Yes interesting it does come out pretty classically folksy! Nice first fruits! Good first up for sure!
Thank you! This put a smile on my face after having a rough day. I did have a couple minutes around lunch to go out in my yard and I saw the plum blossoms appearing already.
Always a treat to check out your vocal improvisations. I was thinking the AI wrote lyrics in your style and thinking how accurate it was, then I saw it's actually transcribing them when I checked. Oops, embarrassment averted for me ! Enjoyed this one, with the 'land not so big' change is a nice mix up from the melodic lines. Nice first fruits, enjoyed the ending and the conclusion
This actually sounded like a traditional folk song… until it started going off the “traditional folk song” rails with the line about beards (which I obviously approve of) and just got wackier from there. So in other words… lots of fun and wonderfully enjoyable storytelling, as usual!