Charms in the N-teenth Degree

by @bobjestes

Liner Notes

#folk #guitar #mandolin #bass #vocals
The first for FAWM 2023. Always relieved when the first one turns out good. Just a playful, sappy country folk song.


Charms in the N-teenth Degree

Just a-spinning my wheels,
Feeling head over heels,
Like I’m stuck in 10 inches of snow.
Oh, I’ve been here before,
That thing that I abhor,
Need to slow down and take it real slow.

Oh, I feel like a greenhorn,
Took an unforeseen U-turn,
Now I’m stuck on this path, what to do?
‘Cause I swore that I’d never,
But you were so clever,
Stole my heart, left me flailing anew.

Seems that you are my sunshine,
You are my world,
All the ‘whats’ I swore I dint need.
You’ve lifted the darkness,
Left me so damn helpless,
To your charms in the N-teenth degree.

So I guess I should focus
On your sweet hocus-pocus
Lower my guard, let you in.
It’s been quite awhile
But let’s give this a trial,
Still, it’s scary to say, “let’s begin”.


Copyright: ©2023 Robert J Estes All Rights Reserved


Nice vocals. Very good lyrics. A cool country song.
Good start to Fawm 2023! Can't beat a good finger-pickin' country song. Good work!
I love this! Feels more like 3 decades than 3 days old!
This is really wonderful! Great old-time love song, with great images throughout, and adding the mandolin was a great touch. Many great phrases 'i guess i should focus on your sweet hocus pocus', 'the nth degree', etc.

a total delight from beginning to end!
Nicely done, sir! I like this. You weave a good story and your playing just nails it all down.