by @erbaer

Liner Notes


This was a Story Cube Challenge. The words were: dice, parachute, bowl of something hot, and the action was burying something.
I got the words yesterday and had fun putting the pieces together.
Thanks to @darcistrutt for the challenge.



I’m a caveman
but I don’t know it
living in a hole in a boulder seems normal to me
and my few simple tools are perfectly suited
to do what I do
the paintings on my walls
are of every little thing that I see

And I worry
about sabertooth tigers
there’s sabertooth tigers out there somewhere
looking for a meal
So I run like the Dickens
throw a spear and try to stick it in a water buffalo
that would be enough you know
cut in little pieces for a season or so

I had dream one night
I was high above the ground
hanging from a cloud
looking all around

and that big volcano over there
was just a little tiny bowl of fire
as I drifted right by ‘er
I watched the smoke climb higher

I’m a caveman
amidst so many unknowns
but time will bury my bones
under dust and daily debris
I’m a caveman
but i don’t know it
no future archaeologists yet
to look back at me


like it
Great, cleverly written lyrics with lovely ideas and topical references like "the sabertooth tiger". Sometimes I also imagine what someone 500 or 1000 years in the future will think of us and our way of life when looking back and looking at it from a future perspective... The melody is beautiful and very nicely laid-back, so enjoyable to listen to!
Sweet and simple. Nice irony.
Hi-oh! (not sure how you'd spell it)
Nice and relaxed, so cool.
"amidst so many unknowns / but time will bury my bones / under dust and daily debris" Very well put.
Such an enjoyable listen! The lyrics are playful, funny, and straight forward, and the delivery is a delight. And now I'm wondering what the heck a Story Cube Challenge is. I think I'M the caveman! The final verse is such a perfect send-off...
I really like the first two lines. Of course a caveman wouldn’t think of themselves as such! Makes me wonder what we are that we don’t yet know. I really like this one. Fun and playful.
You did an amazing job with your story cube challenge - I like the caveman perspective. Some delightful lines!! I like that strum as a backdrop for your great vocals! A nice laid back feel!
The relaxed feel of this tune makes me imagine a caveman on a lazy day, not even aware that he is bored because boredom hasn't been invented yet. Usually I imagine them active. This is like a new take on the Jimmy Buffett tune, "I Pirate Looks at Forty" only switch out the pirate for a caveman.
This needs to be a new standard in campfire singalongs!
This puts that traditional campfire guitar song in a whole new light. If a Caveman had a guitar, is this what he would he sing? Fun to use as a metaphor for who you are in the now as well.
Well done with your dice! I liked the relaxed feel of the story. The non word vocalizing really added. Great!
Ahhh man this might be my new favorite of your songs. The bit about sabertooth tigers made me laugh and I like the flow of the dickens/water buffalo line. I love that the caveman tells us about this incredible dream and doesn't wonder what it means, but just goes back to his simple caveman thoughts. A+, good work!
Dreamy and introspective feelings rising up in me. Chuckling a lil while also loving the sentiment of a caveman going about his day oblivious to this song. Simple but very effective chords and guitar playing working with the vocals
Creative and fun! I love your imagination! Your songs take me to wonderful destinations each and every time. Nicely performed. Loved your chorus.
whimsical and beautiful... great lyrics, melody, and your voice is soothing & fantastic
What a lovely take on the challenge. Very pleasant listen. Beautiful singing and guitar.