Misplaced my Microphone

by @yam655


Liner Notes

I will resume the packing and cleaning and singing... once the replacement for my misplaced Zoom microphone arrives tomorrow. I can do some while connected to my computer and I can take a break to sit at my computer... but proper multitasking requires the proper tools.

... And while I'm at my old apartment, I need to be mindful of the city's quiet hours, so I need to make sure I hit my quota before then. This is why I couldn't just take regular song-writing breaks as the night stretches late.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


I have misplaced my microphone. Again. I sat down my lovely, lovely little friend. I know. I will find it soon. I know it won't be gun for long. But it is so long time. Right right now. And I need to Sing sing. Yes, song. But I don't have my handy recorder. So that makes it. Fred process long. But I think it will work. I think I've found a solution here. I only have so long to sing tonight. If I'm going to seeing enough I need them now. I can't pause to find my microphone, that I have to have those handy things. I can't pause to find my microphone. So I'll do something else. Have a go. I have a $20 Boys recorder thing coming tomorrow. So I can sing with it. I suppose I could use my phone. But my phone has gotten tricky with the wrong software. And I don't like to have it on. I prefer a dedicated weaker device that has more storage and would be nice. I don't have for ever to clear my phone is better to use a nother device. And my new home doesn't even have high speed internet. That thing. My new home it juice juice has faster than dial up internet thing. So I prefer not to rely on streaming. I don't want to rely on that for space. They make really cheap devices and I could risk $20 on one. They make really cheap devices. And it's not like I'm seeing fancy stuff requiring fancy microphones, just something small, small and she will be fine.


I think you found it! this was fun