Carry On, Carrion

by @apauls

Liner Notes

I don’t know what to say about this other than I liked the way the words sound together. It became sort of a fever dream where the decomposers in the food chain are anthropomorphic and kind of sarcastic. I dunno… I just went with it!

As is typical of the first tune for FAWM, I did a LOT of layers. Not entirely sure I like the mix on this one, but that’s easy enough to tweak.

This is for all you vultures…

#death #carrion #vulture #cheery #folk_rock #upbeat



A man crawled through the desert
Out of water, out of time
The top of every dune he climbed had a hotel bar.

And along came a big old buzzard
Saying, “hey, can I lend a hand?”
The man said, “Hey, you don’t have any hands,”
The buzzard said, “I know, it’s a joke.”
And he sang:

Carry on, carrion
You’ve reached your journey’s end
Bear your body back to the land, man
Carry on.

Carry on, carrion
Your friends will miss you when you’re gone, but
You’ll be a meal for someone’s young
Carry on, carrion

A deer laid by the roadside
Casualty of human speed
When he closed his eyes, he could see the forest and fields

In his ear, he heard a house fly
Asking, “Hey man, are you alright?”
The deer said “Sure, man, I’m doing fine”
Fly said, “That’s what I thought, carry on.”
And he said:



Our local crows know us and approve of us, apparently. And I got used to the crows and kites waiting for me to die in the sand-dune deserts I used to frequent. Hope springs eternal, especially in the carrion ranks! Carry on, carrion, for sure! And it's a basically happy song, as actually it should be. Nothing wasted!
Very singable chorus and the mix sounds good to me. Touching and amusing at the same time!
This has a really satisfying melody that's making me sway. Lovely song. Especially love that chorus and the play on words.
Love the juxtaposition between the sweet upbeat vibe to the music and the dark theme underpinning the lyrics. Feels like a final burst of euphoria before our character passes out to bake in the desert sun. The sympathy with the dying deer too - so good! Exceptional work with this piece, amazing job!
You had me from the first glorious twelve string(?) chords. The lyrics are just perfect for the theme you have chosen to explore and the vocals are great. If I am ever dying of thirst in the desert I will sing this as I go.
Dear "Lego Plans" mate,

again, you have put out a very pleasing folkish song with really classic singer-songwriter vibes! I love when the song is surprisingly building up. Although it's acoustic I could somehow imagine CCR playing this song.
As a German I don't really understand the cleverness of the lyrics but I always like play on words which is obvious in the title.

Very well done, Sir! I enjoyed my listen!
Fantastic gallows humor. Macabre and somehow uplifting. Keep on trucking even though we’re all dead meat! So many great lines: the hotel bars, the buzzard joke, the house fly. Imaginative and fun. Great listen!
So wonderfully cheery and dark at the same time! The catchy chorus is probably not going to leave me alone today.
This is great! I have a feeling this will be stuck in my head all weekend. Excellent writing, melody, and arrangement.
I love it. Everything about it. The mood, the layers cheerfully playing along, and, yes, those lyrics. A song I wish I had written.

Aside: Once upon a time I saw the Clarion hotel with the L burnt out. It made me laugh much more than it did whomever I was with.
This is the epitome of cheerful nihilism, and it is firmly lodged in my head now and maybe forever! I really appreciate the simplicity of the casual conversational writing in the verses it’s a skill to be relaxed like that with words and still say everything you need to. I love what you’ve done with the mix, it’s truly a bop! Great to hear you again :)
Great title! Beautiful guitar and I really like how your chord changes sit under your melody - nice movement!! Great chorus - memorable melody. Love that chord under "carry on" at the end of the chorus - nice and crunchy! I really like the layering, the organ synth and the claps. Wonderful builds too. Just a great song and I appreciate the lovely upbeat vibe.