Too many songs at once

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


The problem with recording lots of songs it was the problem with recording too many songs at once is that sometimes sometimes sometimes you use the same tune, it's that sometimes sometimes sometimes it just flows to the moon. Their tune will not finish it will not leave your mind the tune goes on with it different rhyme even though I want a different song. Even though I wanted something nice, the two niches goes long, it doesn't leave my mind or side so I think I will try something different today. I think I will sing until it goes away. I will see seeing a different song. Sometimes I find it and did it wins. I will sing a different song. Even if I lose my mind. And my mind rolls on the floor over there. I will still sing it in for and saw and I will sing it into it goes to log B because I wanted a new word song. Because I thought it did go just too long. Because I wanted a new word song. Not that same old tune from over there. I wanted a new or to not that same old tune from over there. A new to net could shoot me through to the moon on the moon. What would I sing? Would I sing a song of peas? green pea would I sing saw of polar bears? Would I sing a song of elephants? What would I sing on the moon? Would it be good? Would it be sad? What kind of song would I sing on the moon? Would it be something really bad? Moon I'd say going to the moon berries and Moon trees on the moon. I would say going to the moon foxes and Moon bees on the moon I would drift away. Away


I enjoyed this, fun and sweet!

Sometimes it's easier to get a new rhythm - freestyle bongos!! Or if you have a specific topic and brainstorm words that go with it. And then beginning to mush that together in your mind they can start to have a tune. Like the Bouba/kiki effect, but beyond that too, broader & more complex mental associations and aesthetics.
Creative! I like it. Good work!