First Fungus

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


They say the first fungus is to love fruit. A lovely first mushroom. Yes, it will do they say the first fallen guess is yes of food. The food teen body. They say the first farm guess is fruit? Yes. fruiting body. What would you do? If your body fruited? What would you do? If you let loose with this for years? What would you do? What would you do? Would you plant your feet and never move? What would you do? would you do if your flash opened up? And spores flew fourth? Would you go to your job? Spread spores all through your work work place? Would you go to your job spread spores on top of your boss's face? Would you stay home? Stay home? And maybe hang out in the shade? Would you go to the PA Park and put those job Bane worms in their place? What would you do? If you had spores? If you had spores flowing from your flash? Would you go so where would you go home instead? You might be the first fruity fruiting human that face might be your fruit teen body you might be the first fruit in human but would that really leave you jolly? You might some day have mold or foam yes on you. And you my find that is something you would not lie. They have creams that some times help they can get rid of that fun guy but not if you became the foreign yours and your flesh opened up and the spores flowered forth not if you became the fun gives love burrs routine human for what it's worth. The first routine human that's what it's worth


"If you had spores flowing from your flash?" and "mold or foam yes on you"? I find AI mishearings so interesting, like predictive text message fails. I guess your process is all about spontaneity, but it would be an interesting exercise to put your words through a Google Translate mangle (ie to and from English from a bunch of other languages) to see what kind of utter insanity you could end up with.

I like how unsettling this is, while also being camp-firey! It reminds me of those kind of lurid pop science reports of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, and the inevitable notion of a human zombie fungus equivalent. Have you seen "The Girl With All The Gifts"? It isn't a great film but it has some great moments.
I definitely get an avant-garde vibe from this. Fungus and “the fruiting body” is an interesting direction.