Hoping for fourteen today

by @yam655


Liner Notes

This was actually the third song I recorded today.

The last "bother" at the end of the song is concern that I'd bother my neighbors.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


I'm hoping to get 14 done today. I'm hoping that it just won't slip away. I want more say more songs than be four. So I will sing, sing and others sing it until I feel so long. sing just one more, even though I know I should go. I will sing my song. Be because I need one more. I will sing us on the four I crawl upon the floor. This cleaning to be done and too tall. I need to get to the floor to get it done. But first, I will sing Yes. Seeing this. Hopefully not long enough to bother the neighbors. Geez, one more. Yes. Lovely song. I won't sing them for too long, too long. But this one song. It needs to be done. Because I have no other in store. I want to get this be for and when I am in my new house. I can sing, sing and scream. But I'm here in my little apartment. Though my kids are gone to their mothers. I could sing Yes, but I need to clean. I could sing but I don't want to bother


and did you ! I bet you did how are the neighbours ! get the in on a chorus. don't comprehend that last line ha ha
I hope you get 14 done today too, if that's your goal.
I'm tall too, and sometimes the floor does seem far away, right?
I love how this song is about singing this song.
Keep 'em coming!