Neighbors need sleep

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


It's important not to bother neighbors. They need to sleep. Sleepy. It's important not to bother the neighbors that need to sleep. So well sing some songs but Gwah Yeardley I won't raise the roof or be too loud, but I will sing even though the sun's down. I will sing. And that makes me warm. Want to finish this? For you? Makes me want to finish before you turn blue. I think it might be a lovely time to sing. Even Yes, so quietly. How quiet Can you sing? Is it as quiet as Bumblebee? How quiet Can you sing when the saw needs to come out and Ring Ring Ring? Be because I love to sing my songs because I don't get to sing them for too long. I'll sing for just an hour. And then I will go back to exercising. I will sing just for an hour. I know I should clean and pack I'm just saying that. I like to sing my songs. And I like to exercise but I don't like to clean or pack I want to put that out out of my mind. So maybe I'll do with Oh lid who while and I need to do it before a long while. But I can just do a little at a time cuz it's mostly just in tea boxes, axes.


Haha, what in the world did you give to the AI as the prompt?? Gwah Yeardley was great. Actually, seeing these lyrics about not bothering neighbors, and seeing @axl's comment below, reminds me of a collab that he and I did some years ago that was about the opposite of this song: it was about how much I hated my loud and noisy neighbors! LOL
That sounds so quiet and considerate. I definitely wouldn't mind being your neighbour. :-)
A very interesting song, you should get a PA out at midnight and sing this song to them. Thats would go down very well I think :)
Gwah Yeardley! haha i think you should write a song about them! this was nice and gentle. good luck with the packing!