I want to drink some tea

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Sometimes you're thirsty and get something to drink.

Other times you're thirsty and sing a song about wanting to drink something.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella.


I think I want to drink some tea. What kind of tea would most please me some thean with some tea leaves, perhaps? Maybe some thean with roses, some thing with some and a spur haps or something that can pose. What kind of tea can pose pose pose? The poseable? T? Does it bring the Whoa pose? What kind of t can pose pose pose? And does it taste yummy poseable tea like opposable thumbs might go right down my mouth. It might be the best thing I could ever drink. It might make me want to scream and Xiao asked, What kind of tea would it be that I could pose and would look good to me? What kind of tea would it be a little tea, made of tea, I could pose it around my car up. I could drop it in, it would soak the water up. I could pose it around my tea plate to I think it's called a sauce or they don't drink from that too. I could pose it here or there. May be I could pose it with a bear. I could pose it in my hair and go on a walk while back down to the square. And would people notice that poseable t that the poseable T was sitting on me? Or would they think it had novelty? Would they want some poseable tea? And would I have some fun? And would I stay for long? Or would I quickly go home and quick Li and my funny tea Rome and would I just go to my tea cup? Fill it up and drink it. Yum, yum, yum. I choose want to drink some tea. What kind of tea would most pleased me? I just want to drink some tea. What kind of tea? Will it be? I don't I don't really know. But I'll go go and try. Make what ever seems to fit. I've got several on my mind of make whatever T is seems to fit. There are some rule that I could try


This made me want to edit the lyrics where the AI misheard, and then as I kept listening I wanted to naruto-run in circles. Though I stayed sat in bed. Lovely!
PS. Naruto-running is a kind of swept-back T!? Swept-back, stream-lined, steam-lined, steaming tea!?
This would be amazing in a musical!
no tea leaves thx got a fair old roll to it! very interesting cadence to the whole thing! very interesting this one!