Coffee is a Plant-based Beverage

by @jlampson

Liner Notes

Ever pine away at night craving the next morning’s coffee? I wasn’t exactly expecting this song to crop up out of nowhere, but that’s FAWM for you! 

Mostly a one-take-acoustic except for:

1. This is the third take!

2. The background vocal overdubs!

4. And, oh yeah, this is actually an electric!

I used my 1998 Parker Fly's piezo pickup into a NU-X Optima AIR with some acoustic emulation on it. Sounds good and also won't keep the family up!


P.S. There are not a lot of good rhymes for "mouth".



Coffee is a plant-based beverage
Without it I would still be here in hell

When I’m feeling rather…average
At least I know I’m caffeinated well

It zigs (it zigs) and zags (zags) so sweetly in my mouth
Tween (‘tween) my lips (lips lips lips)
Feels like the Pittsburgh of the south

(whistle solo)

Cuz coffee is a plant-based beverage
And when I drink it I am there with you


Ha! Funny! Enjoyable to hear. Nice recording. I love coffee, too much. Thanks
Another good song, and another sweet guitar. On the subject of the Pittsburgh of the South - when I was a kid in Chattanooga and my cousins moved to Birmingham - we drove down there, and the stench of the paper mills was hard to take. My mom tells, about Chattanooga still being covered in coal soot in the early 60s. It's nice now. So is Pittsburgh. I hope Birmingham is too.
@sheamiejay - believe it or not, I didn't come up with that, it was actually one of the suggestions for words that rhyme with mouth on some rhyming web site!

It apparently it refers to Birmingham, which became an area of quite a bit of industry!
A very fun song. It sounds like caffeine feels when it first hits you. “Pittsburgh of the south” well-coined!
Guitar sounds so cool, like the whistling, nice little tune!
I like the creative and care-free approach. Or, that your care is simply put on your craft. Very nice.
What great spirit! A laugh-out-loud title, cheerful singing and playing, clever use of background vocals to underscore a point, a whistle solo, and a twisty last line to add some zing. I love "like the Pittsburgh of the south" -- a fresh and funny takeoff on all those "Harvard of the south" claims. Bravo!
Coffee lover here too! Fun song, nicely played, sung & whistled!
This is a great song - relatable and fun! Love the fun zig zags! The whistle is lovely! Catchy music and deliciously delightful song!
You rhymed beverage and average, AND you whistle soloed - I love it! And I love my plant-based beverage too. I call it my magical brown morning potion after some TV show my kids used to watch years ago.
Ha! This is great, and I stumbled upon it just as I was grabbing my morning coffee. 😀
Lovely guitar 😍. And it does a passable acoustic impression! Really enjoying the little harmonies and backing vocal call and responses… and then you throw in the whistling (wish I could whistle). Great, jaunty little number - and I 100% endorse your sentiments around coffee!!
Ooh, I just wrote a lyric using Pittsburgh, too. Synchronicity! Sweet song — that last line nails it down with a twist.
Modelling guitars are truly amazing. Super song.
I refuse to believe that's not a real acoustic . . . well I do but wow, you fooled me,

lovely little ditty, with a whistling solo, more please!
Your song adds to the good tradtion of #coffee songs here on FAWM. Fun!
Yes it's hard to rhyme mouth but you did a great job. The whistling made my day and the ending is nice. I'll leave all the coffee for you, cause I drink tea 😜
Fun song, made me smile and oh yeh whistling thats won it! Nice one
Fun! I heart my morning cup of coffee. A fitting anthem!
Very fun. Only I hate the taste of coffee, but I like the taste of this song. Your vocals sound very warm and lovely.
Very sweet song for such a strong brew! I love the lyrical wit and the guitars sound great! Whistle, yes!
I really liked this. It makes me want to go get some coffee if it already wasn't so late here, I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Also that acoustic emulation is crazy! I'd never guess it wasn't just a plain old acoustic guitar.
That's a really charming little ditty! Nicely done. 😀
I can't caffeinate after about 3pm or I don't sleep. LOL
I'm not sure what "the Pittsburgh of the south" means but I smiled!

Clever idea using an electric with an acoustic sim to reduce noise at night.

Catchy little tune.