by @itneverhappened

Liner Notes

#instrumental #indie #experimental #guitar #space_pop


Particularly enjoyed the reversed guitars towards the end - adds a nice spice to the sound. Great to have you back.
Oooooo such great textures. This grabs you by the collar! Geetars sound great! Sound design is dope. Ebbs and flows nicely. Well done!
an epic soundtrack for an epic movie intro but also like a classic badass escape montage can hear the potential for everything with this! such an awesome peice of work man! thinking of adding any vocals? so sick as a insturmental too sick as! keen to hear more of ur creations!
Didn't expect the aprupt ending while I was grooving along to this nice track. Space pop? Why not. Cool direct guitar sounds
I always love your indie licks and this delivers big time. I really like how you're never content to settle for an easy chord progression and always come up with inventive lines. This starts out really cool and then progresses nicely from there with so many twists and turns. The psychedelic effects are funky too.
ooh, this is groovy af. i'm digging the vibes, its dripping sex somehow in it, isnt it? i could totally imagine a screamy sort of punk vocal over it at bits, and then something sexy and percussive and rhythmic at parts...ooh, its so good.

this is all just very sinister in a way... this should be in a movie or something
freaking love it. -ru
Sweet groove. Love the guitar licks and it build great. Should try to get someone to put words to it.
Cool Groove and Guitar Tone.
Gets a bit Funky then lifts off the launchpad... then Funky again.
I like the arrangement how things drop out and in.
Glad you made the Scene!
Yes, love this guitar groove. I found myself humming melody over it. I think you could go so many directions with it.