(hades) special place in hell

by @clownresidue

Liner Notes

#girl_with_guitar #folk_rock #folk_punk #punk
i finally finished writing this hadesgame song that i abandoned in 2020!! idk if this song is considered punk but the chorus melody IS blatantly lifted from "my own worst enemy" by lit


i spend the hours keeping watch
over my lord’s domain
it’s been millennia
and barely anything has changed
but now my childhood friend
is trying to escape
his father turns to me
and tells me to my face

“this wretched son of mine
i’m sure he’ll turn out fine
he goes when duty calls”
but when the blackout curtains fall
i hear him screaming through the wall

did you lock the door behind you?
did your family ever find you?
and if you ever make it out, let me remind you
you belong with us, you do
there's a special place in hell for you

i spend the hours herding souls
out of my lord’s domain
my childhood friend is running through
one day i end up in his way
i ask him why he left without saying goodbye
he smiles at me through his confident reply

“i cannot be confined
to this wretched land of mine”
spoken in a lazy drawl
but when the blackout curtains fall
i hear him screaming through the wall


I wasn't expecting it to be pleasant with the name and being "punk", but this is great! the tempo change in the chorus is pretty cool.
Hell yeah Hades song! I just finished the last item from the list of prophecies last week so I guess I'm pretty much done with the game... and yet... I keep playing. Amazing game. This is such a cool song, I love the change in tempo and vibe for the chorus and you've done a good job pulling in elements from the game's story without making the lore feel too impenetrable etc. Great work! And I don't think the chorus melody is too reminiscent of My Own Worst Enemy, you got away with it 😄 Hmm maybe I could fit in another escape before dinner...
My partner has been ignoring my songwriting since the start of this month but his ears just perked up! I have no idea what this game is but I love the lyrics and catchy tune and transposition. Good job!
Love your sense of melody and the tempo changes in this!
sung like by Orpheus himself

another great song! You have a real knack for this, lyrics and melodies are totally on point.
This is super fun, and well written! Love the tempo change. Also, you have such a good voice!
Oh this SLAPS, the parallel between Hades and Zagreus was fantastic and I absolutely love the chord progressions/melody, I'm definitely going to be looping this for a while!
I love songs with complex changes in tempo and feel, and you’ve managed to do that with just an acoustic guitar and your voice. Excellent! Catchy song, clever lyrics, and I don’t even know this game. Nice job!
i can hear the sidney gish influence in this its so lovely, especially the tempo change in the middle <3
What an attention-grabbing title/hook. I love the way it is used in the lyrics, which I also love! Definitely some cool punk vibes coming through. Excellent!
Well, now I wanna play this game. This was a delightful mix of punk energy and solid character building.
🤘 Zagreus rocks. It's In the Blood. Great tribute!
The change in rhythm cadence was cool, lyrics nice and complex lots to digest. Really nice work