I Left the Cute Woodchuck Alive

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


I think that maybe, just maybe, just maybe I will leave that wood jug alive live. I know that I have said that I don't kill them. But that one has cute cute cute cute eyes. I'm not going to pluck them I'll leave them in his head that would chuck that wood Chuck will not end up dead but I hope it does not go over there where my traps are located or it will be where I might accidentally maybe kill that wood jug. That would be fine. That would be fine. I know that I said that. It was a cute wood jug. I don't really want to kill it. But if it does, I'll be fine. Sometimes accidents they happen. And when regarding giant giant rodents. The accidents that have been should not be my own death. The accident that happens should not be but the destruction of my stuff. The accident that happens should only be that maybe just maybe just maybe that wood Chuck will die. Accidents they happen. Accidents they happen. That's what I'll say while ash tear falls from my accidents. They have been accidents they happen even to cute cute wood jugs, wood jugs, even to cute cute wood just works.


I see, your songs are woodchuck-centric, nice niche.