Woodchuck of Least Concern

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


They say that though Chuck has the least concern they're not worried about it dying. I mean, they say that though Chuck is of the Least Concern they're not worried about it done in a time. They have not seen what I'll do. I am planning to kill them all. They are not worried. They are not worried they have not seen what I'll do now, you might think that I'm really kind of scary because I plan to kill all the wood Chuck's? Yes, you me might think that I am super scary, because I plot there is and yes, it is true that I will kill though which sucks. I know they are super important to the environment. They are super good because of what they do to the earth but they are kind of annoying when they get in my yard. I think I will try to ignore them. But if I see them, then they will be through. I will kill all those wounded sharks. I will kill kill them all. I know you might not really believe it. There's some thing that I have not told you all. I have been de Val being super duper plan. One that will kill all the word Chuck's though which makes it involves bringing back our super best is friends. The Saber Tooth cats that once went extinct, but they will be super good at killing wood jocks. Yes, they will be super good good friends. Yes, they'll be super good. Killing the wood sharks. Maybe even you might be killed instead.


The transcription tried, and got some of it right. Mic drop at 1:10! It's been a while since I heard one of your improvised acapella songs... it's a form that I don't know if I could pull off. I think mine would be one line, then three minutes dead air. Congrats.