Woodchuck Face

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


I thought that my face was a beaver. I thought that maybe my face was Marmont, but I was wrong, but I was wrong. My face was actually actually would show my face was actually actually Oh would show. How did my face be? Come? Watch? I thought that my face would always be my friend. Now you know that my face is wood Chuck, are you going to poison your old friend? Now? I know you might not be Leave me. My beard hides my face pretty pretty well. But if I shave my beard I have a woodchuck face, and you might be expected to kill kill that wood. Yes, if I shave my face, I'll have a wood Chuck face. So I'll keep my beard here to protect all my friends. I'll keep my beard so you won't have to kill me. Because if maybe you smashed off my face. The autopsy might show that I am not a wood Chuck. I was just some weird person with no no friends. Now you know that? I have a beard. Even though yes, I also have a wood Chuck face. Now you know that you don't need to fear if you see a person with woodchuck would chuck face, but I might still steal your garden or maybe take a bite of all your juicy juicy friends. Yes, I might still feel compelled to steal from your garden. You have so many juicy fruits. I could really be there and I do want to eat all your fruit. Those melons look so so delicious, my friend, but I am saying that I just have a woodchuck face I'm certainly not really one of them. I swear. Look at this real this thick beard on my face. Clearly human like you I swear. I just had something weird happen to my human face. So I just look like oh would show my friend


@andyt13 my sentiments exactly 😄
Hilarious and bizarre!