Pickle in a Jar

by @yam655


Liner Notes

I've been experimenting with my cheap recorder and different headsets and microphones. In this case, I tried the headset my youngest had been using -- though my youngest is sort of hard on cables and regularly breaks headsets by tangling their cables too much. In my case, instead of stopping after hearing that noise, I used it for the theme of the song.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella

Unfortunately, the noise on the line of the headset caused the system I'm using to transcribe the lyrics to complain about the audio quality -- meaning they're even more inaccurate for this song.


I think I think I'm covered in pick a word. I think I'm a little physical who was when? I think Kava Kava Kava root in pickles in their juices in pickles. They are all loose. I think I might have some didn't pick a pickle. What pickle pickle? What? Where's my bud? Because pickle pickle but I've lost my butt to pickles. They've replaced my button with pickles. Where? Where am I here? Where? Where? Where? Am I here? I'm surrounded surrounded by pickles. Lost last offering covered up and bagels have lost lost everything linked in my pickle. Pickle in a jar. On a pickle. Hey, that adds to the pickle covered up and decal juices. The Pickle? Hey, what? What to do? Hey, hey, hey, I'm covered up and pickle juice. Hey, hey, hey, hey, have you? Are you in a pickle to what work? Will you do? I think we are all all stuck in this jar. What? What would you do if I came to you and said Hey, you, you're actually a pickle. Hey, hey, what would you what would you really do with you found yourself covered up from pickles? I think maybe. Maybe it's all true. But it really really all just covered up and pickles. Hey, hey, maybe? Maybe it's true. They're actually actually just pickles in a jar. Dreaming about being in people dreaming? Oh, so So are oh, oh, oh, what will we do? We're actually actually just pickles. No, you. You might not believe me. You might think that maybe you're actually a person. But I'm telling you telling you. It's true. You're actually actually actually Oh pickles. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What I'm saying is true. You're actually actually just pay close.


Maybe it's all the references to "butts" at the start, but something about the words and (especially) performance has almost a funk feel to me. Add a bass line, some drums, and I can hear this as a funky hit!
Oh I love the lo-fi audio quality here.
Haha yeah, the transcribed lyrics are hilariously inaccurate.
Another weirdly catchy song!
I love your surreal approach to music.
I enjoyed this one very much.
I'm hoping at some point to put some music behind one of your acapella vocal pieces, if that's ok and I can get around to it??