The Woodchuck with a Shoe

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


Have you heard about the wood chuck the wood chuck the wood Chuck, have you heard about the wood chuck that has one shoe. This shoe was stolen from a little old lady. The shoe was stolen. And the shoe is blue. A blue shoe from a little old lady and the wood Chuck has it and the wood Chuck knew exactly what what to do with that shoe that would shock would go about in the big big woods with that shoe that would chuck would throw that shoe at beavers the word Chuck does not like beavers fly flooding the prairies the wood Chuck wants to live in the prairies Faro away from those evil queries leave me alone He's says I just want to have my home don't fill it with your wad her know you beavers should just go below far below in your water far below to your water read as the Woodchuck hates the beavers to he wanted maybe to have a beaver stew but wood Chuck's don't own guns you see so the wood Chuck he went out to me but I hate wood Chuck's you know. So I snuck out to the beavers dam. I said how would he look at me? I'm a man I can help you with your wood jug problem. But please don't flood my land. I can help you with your wood Chuck problem, but maybe move along. So I killed that wood Chuck was else could I do? And yes the beaver paid me with a beautiful stick. It's true. And yes, that beaver paid me and went on his way.


this was wild...
am i getting right... this was written by ai?!?
if so, cool...
a demented nursery rhyme
my kinda jam...
i wouldn't've been able to sing this deadpan
i am very impressed