A Woodchuck's Kitchen

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Woodchuck's really do have a bathroom in their burrows.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


When you see a wood Chuck's kitchen, is it nice and clean? Did you know that wood Chuck's they have restrooms? Would Chuck's know where to pee. But do they have a kitchen? I don't know. It seems that may not be bused. Do they have a kitchen? I don't know. Where else would they want to eat where there's food? That's where I want to be sitting in front of a melon sitting in front of your cucumbers, maybe some times eating radish in the winter, except they hibernate. So maybe, maybe not. But they would like would like to eat your pumpkin. Maybe you have some cantaloupes nice. They want to eat them now and they went to eat them all. You have 100 in your field. That's good. They'll eat them all. All all. You used to have 100 in your field. Now there is none. Would Chuck's would love to eat your food, eat it all up, leave you nothing but the dirt. They may make their homes in the dirt. It's true. They may eat roots or other stuff stuff. But you probably don't want to eat some boiled leather. You don't want to eat other yucky stuff. So you need to decide for yourself. Do you let that Ground Hog eat your yummy stuff? Or do you say you go go away? Or I'll put this pitch work in you and all your family friends. Sometimes you have to make that decision. Do you want to starve or let it starve instead? But if the vegetables and fruit are still growing, the groundhog will be there and the groundhog brings its friends. They just want to eat all your food leave you nothing but the dirt and the holes. It is true. They'll keep their poo in their bathrooms that is true. So you can have the rest when they're done. Done. Done. If you want them. That is true.


Nice voice and informative to boot!