A Groundhog Might Steal Your Friends

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


I know that some times groundhog steals sweater, but maybe they want to steal friends. I know some times sometimes groundhogs steel sweaters, but maybe they want to steal your friends. They have some friends, that is true that watch over them and watch them wash themselves. They have some friends. That is true, but just a few and they want yours instead. So watch out or maybe ground hogs will steal your friends. They'll walk into your house and gobble them up. Maybe you're out on a picnic with your friends until the ground opens up, up, up. Your friends fall inside the ground hogs are smiling. Their friends are inside the hole, the ground hogs, they go away with your friends, your friends, so you are alone, just just alone. 16 on that picnic blanket with the holes 16 on the picnic to end they've eaten all your food is well. They've left that picnic blanket. I hope you like that. They left that picnic blanket and they left your wine. drink your wine and think about your friends, your friends away in the ground hogs holes, your ground hogs holes, your ground hogs friends, that you won't see them any any more.


Groundhogs can frig right off. Thoroughly enjoyed this art piece.