My First Time With This Device

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


It's my first time using this device. Or maybe it's my second second time, but I've not uploaded any of these songs. I've not even listen to them except once or twice. I'm using a new, a new device. I think it might work. And I think it's only sort of nice, but I will use it. I'll use it today. And maybe tomorrow as well. I miss placed my microphone, my microphone. So I needed a nother, this is not a super duper fancy microphone, but it was super cheap. And it think gets nice enough. But as I said, I've not shared the results. I've used different head sets as well. But I said there are things as well. I've used other microphones. I think when I don't use something external, the clicking of the buttons is loud. That is fine. I have some of those. That is fine. It brings me No Oh, close by it. It seems I can't change everything. It seems to be a little stuck. But it seems I can't change everything. But it seems I'm just out of luck. I can't change the game, the game gain. It's kind of annoying to my brain. I can move the microphone, the microphone and maybe switch it as well. That's what I am doing. I'm doing. I think it might be good enough. I don't need anything fancy at this time. My microphones will come up and they will be just fine. I don't need anything. anything fancy. At this time. I'm moving and both of my microphones will be found. I'm moving and it will be oh so grand. They will be all oh just fine. And for now. This will be just as well.


Happy moving days. Lost things, replacement items. Nice to hear you working through all of it.
xD I have listened to a few of your songs but not yet commented. You must be the most productive participant of FAWM so far this year! It's reminding me that life is music. Why the heck don't we say everything in song!? I used to work with someone who would only communicate using the titles of Disney songs... it was beautiful. As your improvised songs are too.

Anyway, that's what this lyric made me think about. Here's to 500 more songs this month!!!