There's a forest near my house and I can smell when something dies there

by @sadloaf

Liner Notes

based on a true story
#darkwave #electronic


there’s a forest near my house
and I can smell when something dies there
limped off the highway
leaking blood into the snow
new moon fully darkened
paralyzed and paranoid
terrified and tired
fresh meat for the scavengers
vantage point from here:
things inevitable
feel inevitable
when they don’t happen to you

no, someone else will surely do

safety for how long is
decided by the rows
of teeth in your mouth
verses claws against your throat
how would you fare
how far would you dare
push the line
it is time to eat
and I can smell when something dies out there

there’s a forest in my house
and I can’t cut down the branches
key in the lock and then I’m
locked into the storm
warmed up fully dried off
animus and animal
reflexes and skin
signal give me permission
vantage point is lost
what separates us from them
seems inevitable
when the mirror’s put away
surely someone else can pay


feel inevitable when they don’t happen to you - great dark but true lyrics!
Wauw sitting on the edge of my chair paralyzed to the lyrics and the crawling sensation I get from listening to this.
I love the rise of the chorus. Thank u for this experience
Damn, this is dark and sinister in a really compelling way. Love the way it breaks before the chorus and then comes back in with those guitars blurring into the synth soundscape. Great stuff!
Great sound. Dark and driving. Super clean production and and a very satisfying experience.
This is so unsettling and so awesome! Love the vocal effect of background vocals towards the end, accentuates the eerieness, as if it needed it lol!
Loving the dark vibe to this. Those synths are brilliant and the lyrics add to the atmosphere. I like how you didn’t use a particular rhyme scheme. Very nice!
The title is brilliant - I’m here all day for a long, slightly oblique title. Oblique until you listen to the song obviously. I love the narrative take on the story - really satisfying. Musically strong and interesting. The vocal change up in the chorus is superb. Really enjoyed it!
Perfect title. Perfect song. What else is there to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this
This is so eerie and badass. Love it
This is an amazing lyric. So vivid and dark. Love it.
“things inevitable / feel inevitable / when they don’t happen to you” is my favourite lyric of FAWM so far this year wow. This is fantastic love the darkness of the mix and your vocals are fire