Unlovable Island

by @jamesstaubes

Liner Notes

#pop #electropop #electronic #vocals #synth #synthpop #synthwave #synths
Update 2/5: After listening to this the past few days I've realized this is a good song that is worthy of more love after FAWM.


This didn't turn out like I wanted and got away from me. A good lesson of something I learned at FAWM years ago - It doesn't matter if it's good, it matters if it's finished.

I wanted to do a Tame Impala type song. I also wanted to do a shuffle. This song was an attempt at both. Honestly, I dig the music. The lyrics and vocals are what got away from me.

I had this idea of an, "Australia for the unlovable." It's a penal colony for people who aren't worthy of love. Yeh, pretty dystopian and dark.


Verse 1

Ever since I was young
I dreamed I would become
Someone who could be loved
But instead I was judged

Lovers threw me away
Told me I could not play
Said that I could not stay
And they sent me to pay


I don’t know what I did to be banished and stranded in this place
I’m sentenced to unlovable island

Verse 2

Never knew what I did
Found my name on the list
All my freedom was stripped
All my words were dismissed

So I’ll die here alone
With no love of my own
Mercy never was shown
Hope the next life is gold


Everything is great, esp the lazy irregular pentatonic rap on the chorus at the least.
Always so pleasing when the muse delivers a song that has that special something warranting more love :)
That double time chorus vocal really captures something and the unlovable island hook is great!
But… this is sooo good! It may not have turned out the way you wanted but it’s definitely a bop. The concept is really strong, and the melodies are fun. Great song!
This is the happiest sounding exile to Van Diemen's Land that i have yet heard raised in song. the word-packed chorus is a stand-out.
I dig it, honestly. I think once you get that syncopation in the chorus lines down pat, it's got some real memorable hookiness. Had me singing along! [technical note: seems like the main mix is panned harder to the right side] And to follow up the comment below, it does kinda sound like it'd be perfect as a show intro song. I like it dude. It's bouncy and fun.
The concept outlined in your notes would make a wonderful sitcom
Giving me all the 80’s vibes, and I’m here for it.