Old Photographs

by @gordon · @srcoops

Liner Notes

Once again I was taken by srcoop's lyrics, which are just a delight to read, so tried to put them to music

#collaboration #nostalgia #guitar #vocals


(by scroops, music and tune by Gordon)

I found an old suitcase
Filled with photographs
The photos came from long ago
The clothing made me laugh

Although the faces
Were solemn and stern
Most were quite happy
As we study and learn

They worried about family
Just like you and me
And worked very hard
I n the land of the free

All of them passed
A long time ago
But they laid the foundation
For the path we should go


I spent over 20 years in all aspects of photography. I saw @srcoops title and thought I should have a go at creating a song for it. Then I noticed that you already had done so.

I think you've already created the definitive version of what the song should be. It's simply beautiful and beautifully simple, just as it should be. There's no need for me to try to do what you've already done perfectly.
As always, a great job. regarding Old Photographs. Most people either get quality or quantity but not both. You get both!
So chill the harmonies came out dope just moves right along