The First

by @willyviste

Liner Notes

#fawmtronica #synth #synthpop #electronic #pop #vocals #slightlyconfusing???

Alrighy, heres a tune I've been working on for the last days now. Quite happy overall, except with the clarity of the lyrics, and the arrangement/structure. I will consider them strictly demo. I had a vague feeling with the lyrics, but I feel like it's so over the place and random. And the structure, I want it to be longer.

I tend to throw a lot of things into a song, but then I'm afraid to loose perspective. Like, when is to ear-candy, to much earcandy? I don't seem to know...
Would love some criticism about the pace of the song. Like, does it feel a bit much sometimes? Does it make sense to y'all?

The rest, I'm pretty happy with, and I hope you'll enjoy it:)

Other info:
The initial synth-theme was made with some MIDI to my newly accuired Deepmind 12 D. Really fun to jam on. Made some drums, tweaked the saw-stabs for hours, made some janky lyrics with a LiTle sPriNklE oF *aUtOTunE*. Don't care too much tho;) It's a demo afterall. The earcandy, edits and transitions. Structure-stuff. Yeah...:)


You are the one.
The feeling that strikes me when walking through the cities .
You, keep me down. Rooted in spaces, in neat tiny cases.

Fall, down
Seemingly pointing, puzzling and jointing.
The tide that we never would turn.

But you are the one...
You are the one,
And I'm missing you so bad, please can you come back?
You are the one, that holds me safely, make me turn to good.




Fall, down
Seemingly pointing, puzzling and jointing.
The tide that you helped me to turn.


This ear candy is delicious. Let me bathe in this. Gorgeous production on all levels. That chorus slaps. Stuck in my head now. So good. Man I'd love to try to write for you sometime.
Had me immediately - LOVE the arp in the intro.
Oooooo...more LOVE for the chorus...everything about it. The words are sweet, the bit-ish synth you use there is the stuff of legend in my ears, and the vocal fx are awesome and add to the wonderful texture - it all comes together and hits that absolute sweet spot for me personally.
I know you asked for constructive criticism, but I have none - there is def not too much ear-candy in my personal opinion. You placed every instrument in its perfect place, mixed everything so that nothing is harsh or too up-front, great vocal fx, not too busy whatsoever. Lacks nothing in my ears.
Love this one!
Really nice sound -- as others have said really getting some owl city / postal service vibes here which is awesome
This is super-fun. All the layers come together like puzzle pieces into place.
Great synth sounds, super catchy chorus. I’d love to hear what your voice sounds like without the auto tune. Definitely puts a smile on my face. We’ll done.
I’m a big fan of synth pop at the moment - so really enjoyed this one. That prechorus is just ear candy - the short lines falling into each other was a treat. I like how you’ve manipulated your voice in the chrous too - it fits with the synth pop style so well.
You know, this gives me immediate Linus From The Stars feelings. It’s nothing short of immaculate. Got the triangle pads of course, classic OC technique. Lovely execution.
Ohhhh this is just glorious unashamed pop music. Like overall this is joyous, and the production is tight.

The treatment of the vocals is blissful. Like, get that you're unhappy with something, but, I'm talking about the harmonies and the vox processing. Sick.
Yes, definitely Owl City vibe. Also something very Porter Robinson, especially the piano at the end, which sounded sublime. Oh and a bit Nigel Good! Super production.
Man this is just great. Giving me Owl city vibes because of the whimsical sound choices. This is just excellent all around.