Two Colors

by @sonicdeatheagle

Liner Notes

#randomsentence #lo-fi #firstfruits
random sentence prompt
“Horses are dichromats, too, and their cones are sensitive to wavelengths very similar to those dog’s respond to.” Ed Yong, An Immense World

Thought I'd lost this whole thing after way too many takes when I accidentally unplugged the DP-01FX while exporting the master. But first fruits was lookin' our for me!


waves of light and warmth arrive as I go out at sunrise
the dogs forgo their food to go and see what we can see

we find the horses, owls, too, they see just what the dogs can do
we stride and fly and wander through a universe at one with you
And the mockingbirds are a vibrant ultraviolet

we’re sensitive to some things hurting sometimes more, sometimes less
i pray for you from birth to death that no one harms you with their breath

and though I cannot see you, I do hope that I do keep you
i’m feeling mighty weakly like I’m peeping at an inconvenient truth


Getting some cool spacey 70's rock space ship time machine feelings.
I love the flow of this song. Great lyrics, and so unusual with those fuzzy effects and voice pushed back. Very creative and oddly enticing! Great Job!
A Lofi thing of beauty
Wow very cool! I love the sonic explorations of the backing track. Psychedeli. and bizarre. Your singing over it and the lyrics complement the space trip perfectly. "Mockingbirds are a vibrant ultraviolet" that's a great line. Someone get me some cannabis, ASAP 😂