Your Low Tricks

by @sonicdeatheagle

Liner Notes

#ai #lo-fi #jazz #blues
Muse for the title
ChatCPT for the lyrics despite the controversy:
Won't likely use AI again because all the lyrics I've gotten are clunky and cliched.

I asked it for an outlaw country song called "your low tricks"
We went back and forth a bit about what outlaw country is and isn't, but I used its first iteration for a decidedly NOT outlaw country song.


your low tricks

Verse 1:
You thought you could play me, thought I'd fall for your lies
But I've seen it all before, and I won't be denied
You thought you could break me, thought I'd crumble and fall
But I've got a fire inside, and I stand tall

Your low tricks won't work, they don't fool me
I've got a heart of steel, and a spirit that's free
I won't be held down, I won't be confined
I'm a rebel with a cause, and my love's one of a kind


Like the quirky and fun delivery here. Feels like the tech is just a bit off kilter.
This is the hidden track of the album. The one where the band is like "Yeah, f this.. see you on Wednesday". The lazy feel is pretty cool
Kinda getting rolling stones from the vocals, like rock-blues shout. Works really well for the song! The lyrics, sure they're a little cliche but I think the performance saves it.