Stealing Going On

by @erbaer


Liner Notes

#S020323 #fawmshow #kleptomaniac
I'm fight a demo gremlin...a moment


You can turn the corner, fall off the cliff and you’re done
some might say you were dealt a lousy hand
but the cliff was there for thousands of years
soaking up its piece of the sun
I forget what I was trying to say
but you understand

I started seeing things clearer
when I saw the world as a mirror
I could only let go when the fear was gone
the optimist sees possibility
the pessimist, the makings of calamity
and the thief always thinks there’s stealing going on

Everybody’s got a quick little answer that works in a pinch
they keep it hidden in your wallet for ‘just in case’
And if serves them badly or it serves them well
only time will tell
but who can really say


The cliff there for a thousand years is a great image...things happen, but one can't blame the nature of things.
Wow, this is a very wise song. My instincts tell me it would sound great with a band, but you play it with such confidence that it also sounds complete as it is.
Shades of Springsteen perhaps?
Love your writing instincts...I hear the roots you're steeped in, and I want some of that! Super catchy and I've been nurturing the same outlook on life. "The optimist sees possibility"- YES!
Agree with @corinnecurcio on the optimist-pessimist-thief lines. Really solid rhythm here and your presentation is solid.
I love this. The first stanza is kind of like what the last stanza is talking about. And the chorus makes such good use of the skirmish theme. Well, well done. Downloaded.
The cliff was there for thousands of years - I love that, the idea that we're not the only ones here, and we get to choose how to frame it all. Pretty deep stuff in such a comfortable sing-along package. Great write.
There's something Randy Newman-ish about this. The breaking of the fourth wall? The tone of the chorus? I don't know but I like it. Good take on the prompt! Way to wrestle that alligator!
This has a great flow to it - the words (and your delivery of them) are excellent! Really enjoyed it!
The optimist, pessimist and thief explains it all! Well done lyrics
These are great lyrics, I am looking forward to hearing the demo once you defeat the gremlin.
Terrific lyrics. Can't wait to hear this sung! "The thief always thinks there's stealing going on..." Who's to say, indeed.
I like the sense of place and the way it plays against the themes.