Please Please Help Me I've Lost My Sense of Self

by @morti

Liner Notes

Dylan Moran has long been one of my favourite comedians and his DVD "Monster" opens with this image:

That doodle, stuck in my head now for nearly 20 years, inspired the title and the rest just grew from there like a precious #ukulele flower.


I'm a 3 pound bag of fat and anxiety
Piloting a giant skeleton
Taking it to all these weird places
Doing things that make sense at the time

The path ahead hasn't always been obvious
Since I developed object permanence
It's simpler just to look ahead
If I can't see it, it must not exist

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
I've checked every location
From the sofa to religion

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
I can't remember when I saw it last

I am not unique in this affliction
Or really in any other way
Anyone who knows what they're doing
Is really just lying to themselves

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
If you can't find yours either
Maybe we can search together

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
I dropped it on the path to righteousness

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
Not that it really matters
I'm much happier without it

Please please help me, I've lost my sense of self
Or maybe let's just give up and be friends


Cool rhythmic work here. And the lyrics are fun! #tit4tat
This is top work dude! Catch from start to finish and some really clever everchanging lyrics in here. Plus Uke so it made me smile that Uke smile as well!

i love this song. the lyrics are brilliant. this is catchy as hell. i really enjoyed that you wrote new lyrics for every chorus. that’s something i try to do as much as possible (although i didn’t do it much this fawm). “anyone who knows what they are doing is really just lying to themselves” is probably my favorite lyric in the song. i like everything about this song. #tit4tat
Chorus is damn catchy. Good work, sir! It has a Neil Innes vibe, which every jaunty song should aspire to.
The chorus minor chord is great... "I've checked every location From the sofa to religion" - ayup... Also, the object permanence verse was spot on. Cool and quirky!
It's like a song of a Bodhisattva with a self-esteem problem. Like that's what the Buddhists are all doing. Trying to misplace their selves.....Hmmm. "I'm trying to misplace my sense of self" Where's my notebook. Great song. Glad you got it out after twenty years gestating.
This is so punchy and funny - totally fitting to the lyric and the doodle.
Love that ascending bassline / riff at the start of the chorus, it's really unusual and memorable. Witty but thoughtful lyric, great uke-ing, excellent stuff!
Oh wow! If you were here, you could have seen me dancing on my chair! 😀
I would have had to work really hard to stop myself rhyming some of these couplets. Great fun, I especially like the conceit plainly outlined in the first verse.
I'm envious of your ability to put some very happy music to admittedly quite dark lyrics. Although actually they're not as dark as they originally seem, considering the message at the end.
ha, love this! existential blues as a rockin' comedy number-Sartre and Beckett would approve! some great lines 'checked every location from sofa to religion' LOL