U Shake Me

by @resonut123

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Liner Notes

A Blues Rock sort of Thang
#blues #resonator #lo-fi #harmonica

Lead Vocal thru Red Telephone Mic
Resonator Guitar
Harmonica thru Green Bullet w/Fuzz
Cocktail Drum
Egg Shakers


U Shake Me by Clint Lavens

When I’m alone / I miss U to the bone
You’re like Clickbait / I just can’t wait

When I get outta bed / try to clear my head
Go out for a Drive / Try to feel alive

Things may look stark / as U left your mark
Wish U were around / then we could go to town

I like the way U shake me < CHORUS
I like the way U make me
I like the way U wake me

When U stray too far / I can feel a scar
For U I will bleed / It’s an urgent need

The things U do to me / Range from A to Z
I know I miss U more / But who’s keepin’ score

I know I’m Trippin’ / But my Heart is skippin’
Can’t wait to have U back / ‘Cause U are my Smack

Harmonica Solo


Intense. I like the way it shakes me 😀 #tit4tat2
Great driving rhythm. Love that chunky slide riff. Backing vocals adds a lot when it comes in on the chorus. Shaker and harmonica breakdown!
definitely bluesy lyrics...alone, heart break, breakups...you nailed it sir!!
The chorus is really groovin. Foot tapping and head bobbing over in the UK. Harmonica and slide are great stuff! Proper bluesy earworm.
Love this chorus - the syncopated vocals with the harmonies are so cool! I'm also partial to the lines "The things you do to me / Range from A to Z."
hahaha nice one, love the chorus and the slide guitar, resonators sound so cool. i appreciate the picture to go with it as well lol. and a proper blues style tune wouldn't be complete without a harmonica