I Kinda Wanna Write A Song

by @anthonykapfer

Liner Notes

this is a song idea i've had for a little while, but i finished the lyrics today. i like writing short meta songs like this. i'm woking on a whole album of meta stuff. maybe i'll through this one on there. i don't know.

i'm playing my danelectro 64xt mosrite style guitar. and a submarine pickup going into a micro pog sub octave pedal for the bass sound. and the roland spd-sx pads for drums. i'm using two microphones. one is going into the electro harmonix voice box harmony vocal pedal, for those sweet sweet harmonies.

#one_man_band #onemanband #punk #pop_punk #garage #indie #indie_rock #power_pop #alternative #alternative_rock #alt_rock #rock #humor #humour #funny #comedy #meta


i kind of want to write a song
but i don't really want to put any work in
so i guess i'm writing this one
i'm gonna make it quick
'cause i've got other stuff to do

it sounds predictable
like A.I. is writing this song
either way
i guess i'm finished here


Yes - this.
Awesome pile of sound from one guy - I dug it - and I totally dig your gear. Those drums pad thingys are pretty sweet.
Short and silly! But fun. :)

LOL. Nice short song. Totally gets the point across. #tit4tat2
Sick setup and great one-man performance! Meta Man for the win!
Haha. Great! Future album cut for sure. :)
Kind of makes me wanna write a song. You are the Meta man
Hehe this is a fun mini-song! I love those Danelectros, I absolutely definitely have enough guitars right now but if one of those happened to come up for sale near me I would be deeply tempted.
Writing songs about me are we? 🧐 Haha
Oh 70's sounding power pop is such fun and even better lyrically as a meta song!
Such a nice idea to split the signal and route through a octave to create a fuzzy bass. If you don't see the video you could expect a 4 man band, but it's just Anthony. The lyrics are full blown punk attitude. Could go wild life!
Short but sweet! Really good. The guitar sound superb!
Loving the vibe here! The Abrupt Ending got me pretty good I have to say, seems like you can write something cool even without "putting any work in".
Well captured! and you are playing drums with those foot pads. Wow, I'm not that coordinated, I'm envious.
sick- love this thanks for sharing. one of my favourites so far
Yeah, that's meta all right. Love it. And you've got a swell set-up for recording, too -- I'm envious! (You sound reminds me of the great Ohio power-pop band Shoes ... ever heard of them?)