Post-Apocalyptic Wizard (day 79)

by @artie


Liner Notes

Another crusty one-take into the ol' phony phone. Getting sick right before FAWM has its advantages -- like when you're going for that gravelly sound, a sinus infection is super helpful.

#post_apocalypse #wizarding #poop_in_a_jar


Writing incantations in my leather-bound book
While I drop a hot deuce in my mason jar out front
I don’t give a shit if the neighbours watch

Thoughts of giving up come and go like the plague
People turning into zombies metaphorically, not fucking literally…
At least not yet. Or maybe they are, I’m not sure

So why not go on a little joy ride in whatever’s not melted
With a bag full of crushed up opiate pills

“Oh wow man!”

When did I stop rhyming?
Maybe when I stopped caring
There’s no gas in the tank
I guess I’ll just stay home and gorge myself
On this variety pack here of dipping sauces

Sounds like a plan guess I’d better get to it
When motivation strikes you’d be wise to pay heed so I definitely don’t
Have time to wipe my magical butt so good right now


This one's hilarious too! I never know where your vocal line is going and when it ends and when just keeps going. Most wonderful surprises all along the song. Flu infested voice rocks.
Great words performed in such a deliciously deadpan style, this was deeply, utterly amusing!
Holy shit your lyrics are on point.
The straight-ahead vocal delivery makes it even better.
I like the outrageous lyrics set to relatively normal music. The "hot deuce" line got me, and the rest was just as cool. Unique and strange and wonderful!
Ha...this made me laugh. I love the way you pick that guitar, and the casual way you deliver that lyric. Who can't relate to that?! Love it!!
Again, very clever. Is this the first in a series? Nice job.
Evokes images in my mind. Good stuff. Like the sound too.
That husky delivery definitely sets this off. The lyrics are fantastic. I may or may not eat dipping sauces straight out of the cup, so I may or may not be able to relate to that gorging myself lyric. This is a really fun listen.
Oh wow, there is this rawness to the lyrics that I find very wholesome.
Cool f%$k-it vibe to the lyrics ... a great one-take performance, too, and "When did when I stop rhyming? Maybe when I stopped caring" is a prescient observation ....
Always glad to see a zombie reference. They're so misunderstood. Just hungry? Or what?