Bad Back

by @lichtere

Liner Notes


Finished around midnight on Thursday night. I was so tired. So, when my little heeler dog, Teni came crashing in while tracking guitar I couldn’t be bothered to redo. Hence the dog snorts and collar shakes at the end of the song. 🐶


Bad Back

Hey a little levitation on the reputation of myself
They say a little revelation good for concentration and my health

And I don’t know why I feel good
When I know I should feel bad
I just know when the good goes away I will gladly take bad back

I pray for loss of aggravation
To toss the operation to the shelves
And same for all the mitigation
Howling through the nation
That’s gone south



And hey a county operation
The mess of regulation in our house
They say there’s a revelation
a countries federation feeds the mouths



Love the reverb/delay on the vox. Really nice composed-- and I love the background vox as well! Great to listen to. (Very Cat Stevens vibe...which is a great thing!)
I really like the rhythmic phrasing of the vocal line. Clever and fresh ideas in the lyric. The instrumental bridge is a nice change-up.
I think this is the first of your songs that I'm hearing! It's really nice. I like the low-key production, and the syllabically-dense verses work well with that airy, more uplifting chorus. I admit, as someone teetering on the precipice that overlooks middle age, I took a much different meaning of the title at first. Having that not be the direction of the song was a nice surprise. And the dog cameo was very sweet :)
I enjoyed this a lot. The chorus with your vocal harmonies sounds really great. Hope you’re enjoying your FAWM.
Piano and guitar sound so well together. I really catch that nightly vibe. The chorus hook is awesome.
I will just echo everyone else and say wow, what a chorus. Also, the wordplay with the title made me laugh. Just a subtly clever and fun song.
I love the rhythm of lyrics all over the song, and voice is really good too.
I actually loved this song and now I'm gonna listen it again.
Beautiful chorus! Licky’s on a roll!
Haha! I saw the title and was getting all kinds of ideas of where this song would go. Great play on words, great rhyming, nice contrast of rhythms, and strong chorus.
Great chorus hook. I love hearing your dog. It makes me miss my studio dog. Almost every recording I made for 14 years had a dog collar jangle on it somewhere.
I really liked the vocals and the guitar backing, I thought that really worked well. Also the why you rhymed -tion all through the song. Great stuff.
Love this, uplifting stuff.
THIS IS SO CATCHY AND WONDERFUL. Sorry for shouting. Great, great tune.