Dead n´Alive (demo)

by @leopardian

Liner Notes

A dirty #blues kinda #rock song. Inspired maybe a little by the #stooges songs like I need somebody and Pin point eyes. #punk #demo

Needs lyrics/vocals, a bass and real drums.
Any help is welcome if you wanna #collaborate #collaboration #collaborations_welcome


With that guitar tone and repetitive riff, it can't be anything but The Stooges! Would love to hear this with the right vocals and drums.
Hi, I like this, and I like the Stooges! I can play drums and bass and would be happy to add some bass and drums to this if you want. Can also do vocals if you want. Have a listen to some of my stuff for an idea. Would quite like to colloborate.
@cowboydick @sveinae79 @sfparadox Thank you for your comments! I might try vocals myself later as I have some lyrical ideas.
Definitely hit the mark here. Would love to see how it finishes out if you get the other pieces you are looking for.
Cought myself Tapping my feet. Cool.
The dirty guitar sounds spot-on ... the Stooges are a good point of comparison!