by @br0th3rh00d


Glasses, glasses, glasses
She wants to break them
Make them, Keep them
Where have they gone?

Safe from a meltdown
In a safe place
(repeat vs 1)

We know what thought did
She needs 'em, she has VI
But she can still read
Don't need excuses

Safe from a meltdown
In a safe place

With her Dad school run gone.


I like how you capture that feeling of wanting to break something we need. How it feels so good to throw glasses or a phone or something that matters. I like the melody too.
This is a very nice slice of life story, told well.
As someone who once enjoyed 20-20 vison I can sympathise with your narrator here. As I usually put it: "I miss my eyes!"... Still, it could be a lot worse than needing reading glasses. One of my Great Grandmothers was totally blind in her old age. I remember her "seeing" me by running her hands over my face. I was about four and it was quite a traumatic experience.
Really like this. The sense of small frustrations that are Pretty Big Deals at the time.